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No. I don't think any of my terrains ever got a campaign (with the exception of IraqWA getting one from yours truly with the ODS 30AE mod, and the Iran-Iraq war mod using a much outdated version of the same terrain).

When I released my first terrains, community members who used to make campaign mods had already left. I very much doubt we'll see campaigns for any of those, there's little to no interest in those terrains I released (TexasASC is one of the worst IMHO, it needs a rework). I'm already busy with the ODS mod, so I don't have time to spare in the making of other campaigns.

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11 hours ago, Righteous26 said:

Is there a campaign movement file for the Texas ASC terrain set?

the old Texas ASW from Wrench had some nice campaigns (including my favorite, confederacy 2010), I hope they someone could adapt that to the current Texas ASC.

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Here is a campaign movement file I made for the TexasASC terrain. The attached picture shows the routes.

The units appear to be moving properly between the nodes. However, the frontline trace becomes a mess after the first day or so and loops back on itself.



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