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  1. Is there any way to move the text boxes in the campaign start screens? They are shaded blue in the attached picture.
  2. I did not direct call the active units. I only forced it to put in the ICC as it appears to do nothing the PAR, ICWAR and HIPIR don't do already. The PARs, HIPIRs and ICWARs show up on the RWRs. My post is not about getting a specific unit to show up. I simplified that by using only Hawk B and associated equipment. The computer has no other choice. The point is that there seems to be some radius around the operational and strategic nodes on the map that may be linked to a supply route and these ranges aren't readily apparent.
  3. I have been testing blue side Hawk batteries in the desert map and have noticed that the location seems to have something to do with whether the missile launchers, radar and supporting AAA guns will show up in a mission. I believe that a large, static site like a SAM battery must be located near a logistics node such as a city or some of the vehicles may not appear in a mission. Further, the computer seems to prioritize inert, static objects such as the ICC, then the radars, then the AAA guns and finally the launchers if the entire system is not present during the mission. My Hawk batteries consist of two separate locations in the Desert_targets.ini file and consist of three launchers, one ICWAR, one HIPIR, one ICC and one supporting AAA gun of the computer's choice. The radius of each location is 200 meters, the centers are 100 meters from each other and the batteries are arranged in two half circles that complement each other.
  4. Thank you for the simulator file. I have determined that there is a problem with the drag coefficients as well as they are too low. Also, the GKABS missile burns out at M6.75 and can travel 177km before its speed drops back below M1 in the range simulator. I made some adjustments and got this. The burnout velocity matches available information (M2.7) and the range is much reduced (40.8km).
  5. I am using the GKABS pack as I have found mixing packs can lead to problems and I agree with you on the newer sets. I understand that metric units are used in the _data.ini files. I assume that the BoosterAccel and SustainerAccel values are in meters/second squared. My issue is that the acceleration rates are much higher in GKABS data. This makes the missile harder to defeat as its kinematic performance is much greater. When I do the math the GKABS missile is traveling at 150m/s at booster burnout and 360m/s at sustainer burnout and the other missile is traveling at about 84m/s at booster burnout and about 114m/s at sustainer burnout. This converts to a speed of about 1180ft/s for GKABS and 374ft/s for the other missile. Both of these are well below the 2700ft/s value that equals the published M2.4 speed of the Hawk. So now I am thoroughly confused. Am I using the wrong units to arrive at the velocities?
  6. I have two different packs that include the MIM-23B HAWK missile in them. There are significant differences in the _data.ini files between the two versions. I have included parts of the _data.ini files below. It seems the GKABS missile is much better across the board based on the numbers. Is there any way to rectify this or can the _data.ini files be used interchangeably? MIM-23B (GKABS HAWK 1.0.3) HAWK B (SF2 SAMS Pack) GuidanceType=12 GuidanceType=12 Accuracy=80 Accuracy=70 MaxTurnRate=15.000000 MaxTurnRate=15.000000 MaxLaunchG=6.000000 MaxLaunchG=3.000000 LockonChance=85 LockonChance=80 LaunchReliability=95 LaunchReliability=85 ArmingTime=0.400000 ArmingTime=2.000000 SeekerFOV=120.000000 SeekerFOV=60.000000 SeekerGimbleLimit=180.000000 SeekerGimbleLimit=135.000000 SeekerTrackRate=13.000000 SeekerTrackRate=13.000000 SeekerRange=55000.000000 SeekerRange=40000.000000 // MinLaunchRange=1500.000000 MinLaunchRange=1500.000000 MaxLaunchRange=39357.337000 MaxLaunchRange=40000.00000 Duration=60.000000 Duration=183.000000 CounterCountermeasure=50.000000 CounterCountermeasure=40.000000 NoiseRejection=60.000000 NoiseRejection=40.000000 CapabilityFlags=0x10000003 CapabilityFlags=0x10000000 // BoosterDuration=5.000000 BoosterDuration=5.000000 BoosterAccel=30.000000 BoosterAccel=16.722000 // SustainerDuration=21.000000 SustainerDuration=21.000000 SustainerAccel=10.000000 SustainerAccel=1.429000
  7. So are we limited to icons with the four file names as in the original post?
  8. I have placed folders with modified .ini files in the mods/.../Weapons folder for certain weapons that would otherwise be available at the time of a campaign I am working on. The weapons still show up as available on the arming screens, however. Is there another way to remove weapons from a campaign? Simply removing the folders does not seem to work as the game pulls default weapons from the .cat files.
  9. Does the game limit you to the four basic icons for friendly and enemy aircraft and ground units or can a specific unit (e.g. 1st Tank Brigade) have its own icon assigned? I made some icons for Dhimar and Paran with the basic names and included them below. Should you wish to use them just copy them to your mod folder /Menu folder and overwrite if asked. ENEMYAIRCRAFTICON.bmp ENEMYGROUNDFORCEICON.BMP FRIENDLYAIRCRAFTICON.bmp FRIENDLYGROUNDFORCEICON.BMP
  10. I have downloaded several US LAU series rocket pod modifications and noticed there seems to be a limit of 32 rockets even when two or three 19 tube pods are loaded on an aircraft. Is this a game limit? I looked at the _data.ini files and they all have 32 rockets and the X,Y,Z coordinates for those 32 rockets to place them in the pods. Is there any way to get the correct number of rockets in the pods?
  11. What text and ini files are required to add medals to a nation such as Dhimar that does not have any? What settings should I use for the bitmap images of the medals? I have GIMP 2.10.24 and the bitmaps have transparencies.
  12. Thank you. I made a map in Powerpoint instead.
  13. Does anyone have a map of the desert terrain that has the location names on it?

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