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  1. Here is a campaign movement file I made for the TexasASC terrain. The attached picture shows the routes. The units appear to be moving properly between the nodes. However, the frontline trace becomes a mess after the first day or so and loops back on itself. TexasASCCampaign.txt
  2. Is there a campaign movement file for the Texas ASC terrain set?
  3. Check the attachment type in the MiG data files. It should look something like this. Ensure it reads AttachmentType=WP,SOVIET. If you intend to use Chinese weapons then you must add ,CHINA to that line as well. [RightOuterWingStation] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=2 StationGroupID=1 StationType=EXTERNAL AttachmentPosition=2.68,-1.49,-0.42 AttachmentAngles=0.0,0.0,0.0 LoadLimit=500.0 LengthLimit=3.5 AllowedWeaponClass=BOMB,RCKT,RP,IRM,FT AttachmentType=WP,SOVIET ModelNodeName=WingPylon_Outer_R PylonMass=60 PylonDragArea=0.02 LaunchRailNodeName=MissileRail_Outer_R LaunchRailHeight=0.10 LaunchRailMass=25 FuelTankName=Tank490_MiG21
  4. Check each file in the list when Windows prompts you to replace files. It is very easy to overwrite things you want to keep. I keep the weapons I want to use most in separate folders and copy them last. I also remove redundant weapons.
  5. The order of operations matters. As an example the weapons in NATO fighters may override the Weapons Pack. Check the weapon ini files and ensure the correct LODs are referenced as a weapon may load without a 3D model but the airplane still has the weapon available.
  6. It sounds as though one part of the install was installed under the "install for all users" option that windows has and that some of the file structure was installed under the "install for a specific user" option. Did you create a new user after installing SF2? It might help to run everything from the run as administrator option you can select from the right click menu.
  7. Did you run the new executable you created before creating or editing an ini file for it? You must run the new copy of the game first and adjust the settings to your liking. The executable will make the ini file when it runs.
  8. The missiles in SF2 tend to be over modeled as compared to other simulations. BMS Falcon comes to mind as hitting a fighter at 20 miles is effectively impossible with an AIM-120C-5. I reduced the impulse of all AHMs to reduce their effective ranges and the AIM-120C-5 can still reach 30 miles with enough energy for an intercept.
  9. If the enemy fighter is an Su-35S you will get outranged because his radar will burn through your jamming before you can burn through his and fire. These reduced firing ranges also put both combatants well within the no escape envelopes of each other's missiles so the player can't just turn and run away at full afterburner. Players must then defeat the missile with chaff as the ECM is of no value against a missile and a kinematic or seeker track rate defeat is unlikely. The Su-35S radar data is obviously lifted directly from Russian promotional materials and is suspect to be fair. I have adjusted all the range, impulse and drag values for the AAMs in my copy of the game and limited their useful ranges to the range at which their velocity drops below Mach 1 based on the Missile Range Simulator projections as the missile likely has little energy left for an interception at this point.
  10. This is a major problem for the active homing missiles (guidance type 13). The AA-9B is particularly problematic in this case as the seeker range is set to 120000. There is no such thing as an active homing missile with a seeker range of 120000 meters. You can fix this by going to the data file and changing one line. Set SeekerRange=120000.000000 To SeekerRange=20000.000000 This will prevent the computer from firing at you until it can get an accurate range on you with its radar or it closes to within 20000 meters. This will force it to respect the same constraints the player must follow. You can also reduce the firing range by changing this line. MaxLaunchRange=120000.000000 Note that changing this line will also prevent the player from firing the missile at a longer range regardless of other factors. I recommend against changing the SeekerRange value for semi-active homing missiles (guidance type 12) as the computer must first lock you up before firing regardless of the range of the seeker so there is no point in reducing that number. Also, the missile seekers do not appear to be affected by aircraft RCS. I have had MiG-31s fire at my stealth aircraft from the maximum missile range without ever seeing me on radar. This stopped when I adjusted the seeker range.
  11. Sidewinders

    It could be a negative habit transfer from the simulator. The missile may work just a little differently there and it could throw the pilots off the first time they fire a live missile.
  12. Look at the Nations.ini file in the Flight folder and find the Russian Federation. Check the start and end dates and make sure they cover the period you want.
  13. The radar in question is a PD Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) or PD Passive Electronically Scanned Array (PESA). SF2 does not simulate these sorts of radars very well as it was intended for radars that use only one antenna and are mechanically scanned and AESA/PESA radars have hundreds of small antennae and are electronically scanned. RadarMissileGuidanceCW=TRUE This means that the radar can provide CW illumination to guide a missile to the target. The missile is likely a Semi-Active Homing Missile (SAHM). However, some missiles may require guidance to the target before switching to their own internal guidance (e.g. AMRAAM, Phoenix) but SP2 does not simulate this properly because you get a launch warning on your RWR and this likely would not be the case especially when facing an AESA/PESA radar. RadarSearchTime=0.4 This is the time required for the radar to complete one scan of its search sector at any given range. This means it updates contact positions every 0.4 seconds. RadarTrackTime=0.8 This is the time required for the radar to switch from search to track mode when acquiring a target. This will take 0.8 seconds in this case. The radar likely has to track the target before the computer will fire a missile.
  14. Which missile is this? These lines look like data for an Air Intercept (AI) radar.
  15. RadarSearchCW=FALSE This means that the radar does not search in Continuous Wave (CW) mode. RadarTrackCW=FALSE This means that the radar does not track in Continuous Wave (CW) mode. Further, the radar is most likely a Pulse Doppler (PD) set or a simple range only radar. This means that a jammer designed to interfere with a CW radar may not work as the fundamental operating principles of CW and PD radar are different and jammers useful against one type are generally not useful against the other. Later jammers may have settings that allow them to be effective against both types. Are there any other lines with the words "Search" or "Track" in them?

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