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  1. I would check the cat files to ensure that they have names like ObjectData001.cat and are large. They should be tens to hundreds of megabytes each.
  2. If it keeps that up then just download this file from the site and edit the weapons therein to your liking. It should contain everything you need including models, skins and data files. You can put these in your Objects\Weapons folder
  3. I must have gotten it out of the cat files with the cat Extractor. Here is mine. Just copy it to your Objects folder. I have also included the GUNDATA.INI file. It contains the information for all the guns in the game. Put it in the Objects folder as well. WEAPONDATA.INI GUNDATA.INI
  4. Go to the Objects folder in your install. Look for a file called WEAPONDATA.INI and make a copy of it in case you make a mistake while editing it. This contains the weapon data for the weapons included in the base install. You can search for the AA-2 by using CTRL-F. Individual weapons are overwritten by the folders in the Objects\Weapons folder. So, if there is no AA-2 folder the computer will use the data from the WEAPONDATA.INI file. It is the same data but in a long numbered list with over 100 weapons. In my WEAPONDATA.INI file the AA-2 is [WeaponData141]. Yours may vary. You can change the GuidanceType=10 or any other statement as you see fit.
  5. I used a hex editor called HxD Hex Editor. I went to this website to get the hex codes for the scores: https://numbergenerator.org/numberlist/hex-numbers/1-100000#!low=1&high=100000&csv=nl&oddeven=&step=1&addfilters=
  6. He can explore the site. It would be helpful to see what is here.
  7. There is a 1986 mod for SF2:NA. I believe it is called Red Storm Rising (RSR). It has the F-18A.
  8. Try adding the sounds to your soundlist.ini file.
  9. Boeing AH-64 Apache rockets pod moving up and down

    All four of the pylons are articulated. This appears to be some sort of maintenance test. The pylons have a limited range of motion while the wheels are on the ground and the squat switch is engaged. The squat switch can be overridden by the SQT ORIDE switch in the right rear avionics bay. It can not be overridden from the cockpit. Either pilot can slave the gun to his head.
  10. Terminal popup is for sea skimming anti-ship missiles. It allows the missile to plunge through the deck and provides a terminal evasive maneuver to defeat point defense systems. I would caution against using popup on other types of missiles as the missile could fly into the ground enroute to the target.
  11. It may be much easier on you to place the "Tested on a Full 5 Merged Install" disclaimer on the download page and readme file. The worst thing that is likely to happen to a user who selects a variant for which they have no lod is a CTD.
  12. There appear to be only two options for generating a help flight in the Mission Editor. They are Not Available and Generate Randomly. It does not appear that you can change the type available. See the attached pictures. If you need help with the interceptors then do as the person above suggests and assign an escort to your flight. You can also have a sweep mission go in before you get to the target.
  13. It may be faster to copy the entire Effects folder and not let it overwrite existing files.
  14. The sound names make no difference for the visuals. They determine only what you hear when the missile launches and is active if your view is set to the missile or you are close to the launcher when it fires. You can set the other sound names to "Missile" and the same sound will play on loop while the missile is active regardless of what phase of flight it is in. Check your Effects folder for the following files: LargeMissileFireEffect.ini MissileFireEffect.ini LargeSAMTrailEffect.ini You may have to reload the Effects folder from the weapons pack you used for the SA-5 to get all the effects in the proper folder. The ini files call up other files such as fx files and tga files (pictures with transparencies) to create the effects you see on screen.
  15. Check the missile data file. Look for the following in the last several lines of data. BoosterEffectName=LargeMissileFireEffect //This is the effect at launch BoosterSoundName=SA-2 BoosterNodeName=booster BoosterPosition=0.000000,-6.590000,0.000000 SustainerDuration=10.000000 SustainerAccel=3.8 SustainerEffectName=MissileFireEffect //This is the effect when the sustainer motor is firing SustainerSoundName= SustainerPosition=0.000000,-4.050000,0.000000 InFlightEffectName=LargeSAMTrailEffect //This is the effect when the missile is in flight and neither the booster nor sustainer are firing InFlightSoundName=MissileEngine ReleaseAnimationID=-1 EODisplayFlags=0 CEP=0.000000 If any of these are blank then nothing shows.

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