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Okay, I've been trying to had a playable mercenary force into the OTC mod but it never seems to work out. I want the mercenary force to be on the Cuban side. I've modified both the campaign .ini files but every time I start a campaign with the merc squad it just either defaults to the first USAF squad or it goes to a Soviet IL-28 squad. I've played around a lot with the .ini's but nothing seems to work. Even got the mercenaries to the point where they're on the US side, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to get them on the Cuban side. I've made the red forces friendly and that seems to make no difference. Any tips or advise are welcome.

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We didnt give it the ability to use mercs, we left that out not needing it. Couldn't tell how to add it back though without going into a 30 page disertation.

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