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ROKAF Phantom Pharewell Phlight

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The Republic of Korea Air Force will be retiring its remaining 19 F-4E Phantom IIs on June 7th, 2024, bringing an end to 55 years of service. South Korea operated around 200 F-4s, including F-4Ds, F-4Es, and RF-4Cs. After it was announced that the F-4s would be retired, they were seen at several exercises in the months and weeks leading to retirement firing off AIM-7 Sparrows and AGM-142 Popeyes. A flight of four aircraft took to the skies on a farewell tour around South Korea, flying over locations key to the F-4's ROKAF history and were escorted by the new KAI KF-21 Boramae. Much like when the USAF retired the QF-4E and Luftwaffe retired the F-4F ICE, South Korea took the time to paint two aircraft in historic liveries, including the SEA camo they were first delivered in and an overall light grey scheme. Sad times for us Phantom Phanatics as South Korea retires its F-4s and Greece not far behind.















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Very sad day for Phantom fans, but it's nice knowing they went out with a bang.

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