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  1. Which file do i download? Because it seems its not "CatPack"
  2. Well, now that the official site for the utilities download is dead how do i fix this?
  3. In the off chance third wire is somehow making SF3: New engine (yes i know this might destroy compatibility with mods but there's only so much you can beat a dead horse) Better map graphics and quality, because its odd to see rivers and roads be on 45º angles Air to air refueling (kinda of a must have for US naval air force, specially the F14) Being able to re-launch the sortie and RRR if necessary (Could be sped up like in DCS, make me wait as long as i need, or do a timeskip if in singleplayer) More active ground troops movement (Could be FPS draining, but its strange to see a battlefield with a single front line of 10 vs 10 tanks and a few AAA scattered around Infantry both friendly and enemy to attack and defend Helicopter support (Even if no helicopters are to be in the game, just have more support for them since i think it could be fun to use) Native support for non combat planes (Like being able to fly tankers, cargos, troop carriers, AWACS, i think it could be fun to have a mission of paradroping tanks or infantry and returning to base)
  4. After reinstalling the game again i noticed a few odd things. Namely that when i bind a few controls in the game they either do nothing (like the ejection) or they just outright lie to me and get confused with another bind (when i press what i bind to do eject external pylons it changes the bomb ripple quantity, when i press on the chaff release it turns on/off my radar) And i am also unable to shoot my plane's cannons when i have them selected regardless of what i press. There's also the strange event the plane goes into a really messed stall that ignores all laws of physics and the plane flat-stalls while climbing slowly of which i cant really get rid of. If i use autopilot the plane automatically regains control and when it does that and i exit autopilot it returns to going in a stall. Did i mess up the installation order? i did SF2>Vietnam>Europe>Israel>Exp 1>Exp2>Campaign editor>North Atlantic Also i cant update my game, it says it cant connect to the servers but i suspect that's on third wire's part.
  5. Super Hornet Package for SF2 v4.1

    Hey man, im new to modding the game but i have the same issue the people here say, the only weapons i can load is fuel tanks, LANTIRN pods and AIM9s. Am i missing a file or a config or a mod or something?
  6. Cool, at least now i know its not like they suddenly dont count. Is there a mod or script or cheat that allows me to reuse catapult after landing in the carrier or after i land that's it?
  7. A-6 Superpack

    Where can i find a cockpit that works?
  8. Amazing some people argue against rearming refueling and repairing for another sortie in the same mission. Anyways, sorry for the late reply i was taking a break from the game. The 50km bubble of existence means that if you leave the AO and return all the destroyed units reappear?
  9. I would love to argue about it but i have no idea how fast can a plane be rearmed and refueled in the middle of a mission as quickly as possible in either an airfield or a carrier. Still wish the game let me land and use the catapult tho.
  10. Glad you could fix it. If it wasn't, my first theory would be to get a PSU with more wattage.
  11. Oh, you can tell me about it. Im just new to the series, and price discussion aside, i really like making a single purchase and getting so many aircraft and content that DCS would put behind a paywall. Reminds me of the old Jane's Fighter Anthology. However, as a newcomer, some old things i can ignore (like the "foggy world" thing of limited visibility of old flight games) But im having a lot of issues with the fact, for example, that after you land in a carrier you cannot use the catapult again, or the fact that the game has the A7 and the F8 as flyable planes but not the A6, and more specially, the amount of bugs. Am i missing something for some of these? Or do i have to use mods to fill the holes?
  12. That's a shame. So is air to air refueling not supported either?
  13. With a restart issue the first thing that comes to mind is an overheated CPU or a PSU lacking power to the rest of the computer.
  14. Honestly this might be because im too spoiled with DCS, but specially after returnign to Il1946 a bit i realized how important having the ability to rearm in a mission without wanting to end it is. Now im really wondering if that kind of things is possible in Strike Fighters 2 considering most of the action here takes place using air to air missiles.

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