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  1. I got a refund from Paypal. Case closed.
  2. Thanks. I did that, but no update on Twitter since April 4.
  3. That what I meant when I wrote "I can still retrieve my previous purchases". But my recent purchase isn't there.
  4. Thanks. I checked my junkmail : nothing. I bought SF2 North Atlantic. I've bought many other sims from them, I never had a problem in the past. Indeed, I've always received an e-mail with a download link. As a matter of fact, I can still retrieve my previous purchases.
  5. Thanks, but the website is open - since I bought something. Just, I wonder if there is someone replying to the e-mails.
  6. Did anyone order recently on the Thirdwire website ? I did last week, got a confirmation from Paypal, but never received a download link. I tried to contact them through e-mail, and on Facebook and Twitter, as mentioned on their website. No reaction. I know these are strange times for most of us, but reading an e-mail can be done from anywhere...
  7. Great ! I am indeed very interested. A small reminder: don't forget that the 1st escadrille was renamed 9th escadrille after the reorganisation of March 1918, by which time they were flying mostly Hanriot, with still a few Camels.
  8. Thank you very much for these files. Baron Jules Goossens-Bara's insignia has nothing to do with Poland, even less with the province of Flemish Brabant, the arms of which were invented... in 1995 ! In Above Flander's Fields, there is a biography of this pilot, where it is said that : "During this period (June 1917) Goossens had a personal marking which was practically the same as the Polish national marking : a two-coloured square divided in 4 squares, although the colours are not known." There is, however, no reason to believe they were red (but they might have been). At that time, Goossens was part of the 1ste Escadrille (on Nieuport), NOT the 9th. The 1st escadrille only became the 9th after the reorganisation of March 1918, flying Hanriot then. By that time, Goossens had left the unit to join the 7th Escadrille. The 1st Escadrille's insignia was the famous thistle. The insignia doesn't look either like the one of the 11th escadrille, shown above, the so-called "cocotte" (paper hen), which isn't in a square. Goossens was made an Adjudant on 17 June 1917 and a Sous-Lieutenant in November of that same year. He ended the war with 2 victories (one of these shared), but he probably had 2 more, that he didn't even claim.
  9. SPAD XIII Francesco Baccara

    Let's say, Francesco Baracca ! Francesco Baracca Nice work.
  10. Thanks for the info. I didn't know that !
  11. But what would a Caproni be doing over Flanders ? Anyhow, we don't even have a map of Flanders at the moment...
  12. Bristol M.1C

    Funny to see that plane over green pastures... It was mainly used in the Near East.
  13. Congratulations and thanks for doing this job. You can find a lot of info on this great website The Aerodrome which is, I think, a lot better than any wiki... Here are the performances for the various Albatros models Albatros D I Mercedes D.IIIa, liquid cooled, 6 cylinder inline, 160 hp Max Speed: 109 mph [175 km/h] Albatros D II Mercedes D.IIIa, liquid cooled, 6 cylinder inline, 160 hp Max Speed: 109 mph [175 km/h] Albatros D III Mercedes D.IIIa, liquid cooled, 6 cylinder inline, 175 hp or 185 hp Max Speed: 109 mph [175 km/h] at 3,281 ft [1,000 m] / 102.5 mph 165 km according to other sources. Albatros D V Mercedes D IIIa, 180 hp (or 200 hp) 116 mph (186 km/h) at 3281 ft 165 kmh according to an other source (probably for the 180 hp motor) Albatros D Va Mercedes D IIIa 200 hp 187 km/h I hope this can help you.

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