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  1. Desert Terrain Movement Ini Fix-It Pak

    Does this work with Desert Terrain 4?
  2. New Pilot, "Jack Lasiter" 1955. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bMIbI1jpvc
  3. ObjectData008.CAT. I thought that stuff was locked up; Alas, it was already in my Extracted Folder. Derp. Thx for the nudge.
  4. Can someone plz PM or Post the last available F-4(Series)_Data.ini. Really drives me nuts I can't change the pilot Helmet.
  5. Well, this is the first time I've seen an erroneous kill count. It turns out it appears to be only happening on the F-84G. It's showing an incorrect number of kills (doesn't add to the 2 A2A, or 32 A2G) its showing 17. It's hacked from one of the Air Force Squadron Skins decal.ini for a merc skin I made. I eliminated most of the decals and added kills. [Decal015] MeshName=nose DecalLevel=3 DecalFacing=Left FilenameFormat=Kill Position=3.0,0.25 Scale=0.55 DecalMaxLOD=4 Weird.
  6. The game is showing ATG kills, when I only want it to show A2A kills. Is there a way to tell it one or the other, or to have Ground Kills displayed as bombs?
  7. ^^----Thx to: whiteknight06604 for the F86 "Leopard" skin (I've been digging through files...).
  8. So, long time SF/SF2 simmer. Love it, it's always here when everything else gets old. Awhile back I pressganged several merc skins from the skins DL section, here are some of the memorables. Would like to thank Cocas and the guy that did the Dhimr Training Skins for the F86, and others, who's names and situations I've forgotten. Years of Fun.
  9. I'm having this issue with the 1948 War of Independence campaign on the stock Israel Terrain with the Avia S-199. Avia works in single mission, different squadron start field...I'd move the files if I knew which files should go where. Other Aircraft work just fine. I have SF2 with Expantions 1 and 2, and Israel 2...and what's up with the SF2 Series Going UP in price? Thanks in advance.
  10. Erik, logan, All good ideas. No problem Erik, I understand completely. Right now I'm at the default Effects. I'll let you know what happens. Does Stary's effects require another of the SF versions? I'm running the Basic SF2 with no expansions or merges.
  11. Thanks logan, I'll take a look. I have recently updated my drivers. I removed the effects updates and everything works well with the default. I'd rather re-enable the effects and figure out which tga is the culpret.
  12. Hey! come on I barely understand English! No, it's just to say that it's a technial referance that I don't understand. I think, if I did, it might help. I've reloaded Stary's 1.0 and update 1.11. from scratch. no effect. So, what other packs have I loaded, I don't think any. but then again, there's been so much modding with this SF2 install. The blocks appear right after an AC explodes with either guns or missles. and only on AC, not other targets. is there an INI that can tell me which tga files to look at? Thanks to everyone.
  13. okay, I thought at first this was going to be fixed in the update for the "SF2_Reloaded_mod1.12". But, it didn't work. Although I'm generally impressed with the whole of the collected SF2 Reloaded Mod 1.2, there seems to be this one file thats giving me trouble. I'm still unable to nail down the specific file(s) I need to correct. I'm running a moded SF2 install. Here's the readme regarding effects from "SF2_Reloaded_Mod1.12" -------------------------------------------------------- "+++ Effects +++ - Unified Effects Pack 1.1 by Stary - Ground Effects Collection by SF - High res Waternormal.bmp by Paladrian (a.k.a. Mago) -------------------------------------------------------- Here's a screen I've taken today...

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