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  1. The archive is either in unknown format or damaged Keep getting that (winrar).
  2. had some fun few days back. In the middle of a dogfight between f16's and mig 29's an entire ww 2 group showed up (the polish plane). Dropping like flies fits really well in that situation.
  3. And how do u get the readme of the planes if u cant download the files in the first place?
  4. Dumb Wingman

    Same thing happend to me, shot couple of sidewinders on a fighting group killed every aircraft except my target
  5. Just love how u can mix era's with this engine, time to shoot down some old bombers with modern fighters :P Very nice plane. edit: the game just crashes when i select it in single mission ai can fly it no problem.
  6. i noticed that certain ai planes spawn in the exact location where u show up. so boom and most of the time "u got one!". With one of the bigger planes my plane didnt explode but took the wing clean off. So i could look back and on the exact spot i loaded was a patrol of migs.
  7. Yay a birthday present :P very nice plane. /downloads
  8. Actually i have the same problem with some planes and heli's, but it seems to be random if it crashes or not. I have it on the hind flying it myself no problem at all but when the ai fly's it and i go to it with the view key most of the time crash. Target gets close then crashes, got a feeling it has to do with the level of detail files.
  9. does it normalize when u fly over it or does it just stays a gap? if not its actually something thats missing in the map. btw convert the image to jpg next time.
  10. the little wheels and the slider on the throttle.
  11. hey everybody, got a saitek x52 yesterday. Does anybody have a woe profile for it? love the stick but the amount of axles that i cant assign in game makes me sad.
  12. reinstall the sound files for those planes, sounds like the sounds files for those planes got either deleted or damaged.
  13. got the sidewinder aswell works just fine.
  14. mainly ment on the choppers the guns in real life can turn, would be nice if that was available.

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