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  1. Valkyrie VF3

    Now we just need a red skin for Miriya Sterlings jet! She was my fave of course.
  2. MODS release

    The mod sites been down a few days.
  3. Future plans ?

    The game is in bad need of more flyables. At least finishing out the important planes like the stuka,hampden and 110, and maybe even the fairey battle,defiant, 406 or 520, as well as other me109 and hurri and spitfire mk's. I know it takes work and time but it is one reason I have not gotten off the fence.
  4. Wide awake

    I have been saying for years the cold war never ended and that the red scourge was still out there. We are witnessing "Red Dawn 1985" real life. Its ironic that those who taught the germans a lesson in 42 are now learning that lesson themselves and that's as far as I will go without getting political. Has the clock ever been this close to midnight (Iron maiden song rings in my head) Seems it hasn't been updated since this all started but it was already short before all this. (shakes head) It is insane, criminal, and very sad. Bless those behind the lines and those poor people and furry family members in the crossfire.
  5. Ghost of Kyiv

    Soviet doctrines always been that single units cant act alone, often platoons of tanks have to fire on same targets, same with aircraft. Would explain why Ukraine has an advantage, its always been a downfall of Russian tactics.
  6. Ghost of Kyiv

    A mig-29 can easily trash an su-35. Technology doesn't mean squat, its always been the skill of the human in the seat first.
  7. SF2_IDF_V2K_B-17s

  8. I'm in love with Beaufigthers, Thanks for your work, fun to fly.
  9. Please do send me them! ty in advance All I did was a fast IDF decal change to the USAF paint to get it flying in suez, yours are perfect.
  10. well that sucks but is nice to be unique...lol
  11. WitchyWoman il-2 BAT

  12. WitchyWoman

    Cold morning over the Suez coast
  13. I have loved aviation most of my life, We are out here even if we are a rarity in the combat flight sim genre. I used to be a member of hovercontrol.com back in the day and I flew with several other gals who were using FSX to train for helicopter licenses on the flight servers. I have been finding it fun to add planes that were missing in some campaigns here. So far I have made the halifax, mentor, beaufighter, a-26, b-17g, sterling, and lancasters flyable in the campaign suez crisis of course with the help of skillful people who made the planes to begin with here If I find the time, I may attempt a campaign of my own here. The hard thing would be the time needed to place ground units all over and what not. Making squadrons, things flyable, editing loadouts, adding weapon inventories, and designating their bases has proven fast and easy. Witchy
  14. I sorted it out, and thanks for info. It was because the unit Id didn't match in both ini's. I had to set both to 053, so you can see above that one was labeled "54".
  15. Not sure why the forum crosses out my text but its not like this in my files so disregard that.

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