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  1. of course THEY would say that ... sorry i couldn't resist :)
  2. Are you by any chance running Windows Vista? If so try running the program as admin, right click the short cut Icon, and click run as admin.
  3. Important Poll

    lol true not for the rue .. but .. for the white sauce :) ... enough cooking lets kick the tires and light the fires ;)
  4. Important Poll

    How does a basic white sauce made from butter flour and milk become totalitarian... what is this some sort of "Kitchen Terror" one false move and we over cook the lamb .. that sort of thing?
  5. TSR.2 Model

    wow, sounds like great news :)
  6. Did anyone ever build a TSR.2 for SFP1/WOV/WOE?
  7. Hi All, I have managed to get the Falklands Campaign functioning under WOE, however, there seem to be a few glitches.. the one that is confusing the heck out of me at the moment is the behaviour of the British Carrier Groups... Hermes and Invincible CG both have escorts, the escorts seem to come from "nowhere" in the campaign ini files, and worse yet they are flagged as hostile, Bristol and Plymouth class frigates/destroyers are shown as hostile and when a scenario starts both "sides" engage the other which I'm guessing isn't right :) Ihave checked the data.ini files for both ships and they are both labeled RoyalNavy... which is the same as Invincible and Hermes. Any ideas on how to solve it?
  8. New Falklands Campaign?

    is there a link to the released version of this Campaign?

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