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  1. Strike Fighters 2: Indian Ocean

    Hey I just thought It was important to note that Windows Defender picked up a gamarue worm in the \Objects\Aircraft\RT-33A\PAFSilver1\Thumbs.db file path
  2. TMF F-14 Tomcat Super Pack v1.32

    Scratch that, it was one of the sound files, was able to delete it to no detriment and now im having a 100% blast. Excellent work
  3. The Scandinavian Front 2: Final Release

    So out of curiosity is this type of file only unzipable with 7zip? Winrar is giving me the same issues and no option to unzip the .001 file as well.
  4. TMF F-14 Tomcat Super Pack v1.32

    Does anyone get an odd audio screeching when flying the f14a? I hear what sounds like very muffled radio chatter and then slight screeching noises. Its not game ending but it is mildly annoying lol, plus a quiet cockpit besides in game callouts can be nice.

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