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  1. During night missions there is a good chance the fuselage of the player's aircraft will be all black and completely textureless, while the wings are grey and untextured. All settings are at their recommended levels and I've got a 1080 with an i5 with 32GB RAM.
  2. What the hell? How are you guys so smart?! How did you know that was the problem?? Either way, thank you. Back to getting my ass kicked by Fulcrums, I'll fill you in if anything else goes amiss...
  3. Sadly I get a CTD once the mission puts me in the cockpit. I managed to play for quite a while on my initial playtest but I cannot play anything, Scramble or otherwise. However, I have managed to narrow it down to: IF I do spawn (on the runway) that I only crash if I look around and see something that my computer can't handle. Maybe a missing model or texture. No settings are set to Unlimited, i5 5600, GTX 1080 Fndrs Ed., 32GB ram, ample excess SSD and HDD space. All my other heavily modded SF2 games run flawlessly.
  4. SF2 F-111B "Dominator"

    Nevermind my comment about cockpit textures being smudged, my settings were altered. Still trying to fix the hook-wire issue in the ini.
  5. SF2 F-111B "Dominator"

    Cockpit textures are smudged and not very easy to read, and obviously the issue of not being able to catch a wire is kind of a bummer. Also, the co-pilot is very excited, as shown by him sitting on the edge of his seat up against the dash. Other than that the dominator is great fun.

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