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  1. F104 vs J-6 over Vietnam

    I did not know F-104 was used during Vietnam war
  2. Microsoft Set To Purcahse CombatACE

    I hope is not going to end like Skype. Once became Microsoft property stopped to work efficiently
  3. Starting a Virtual Airlines

    Did you try to write an e-mail and explain what you would like to get? May be, this is going to work out
  4. Rafale stories

    I can not read anything. Your message is empty
  5. Scramble for Atari VCS (2600)

    Another century... Quite incredible to see the evolution of gaming industry
  6. Aerges Mirage F1 Project Update

    Incredible details. Looks like you are in the ral airplane
  7. Postcards from Korea

    Some of them they crossed Chinese border but officially they have never been there... Sometimes you chase a MIG and you forget to...
  8. Strike Fighters: Modern Combat

    Do you have to pay to get it?
  9. You have to invest your money somewhere
  10. Windows 11

    I hope this is not going to be like another Windows 8 a nightmare and a legal scam
  11. Vietnam SAM Avoidance Tactic

    With a SA-2 works, difficult with SA-6 or something more modern
  12. I finally discovered what was thos bulbs behind the helmet I did not know they were fundamental to give pilot a correct information

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