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  1. If you have your profile linked to steam and you have one of the other titles, yes it will. If you only have BoBP, then it will not show up yet since it's not released.
  2. Top Gun Maverick

    I'm in
  3. I have never checked or used the UH-1 in game mode, however the A-10C has it. I would assume the rest of them do as well.
  4. My suggestion is that if you get the download, use the HTTP option. I let the torrent run all night (2000-0545) and it was only 89%. I shut down the torrent and chose the HTTP option and it was done in about an hour 15.
  5. RAF Green Camo for SE5a

  6. How Not To Be Seen

    I actually used to use this when teaching camo, cover and concealment classes. Always a favorite!
  7. I'm in floods of tears here

  8. I know the SF Ops officer. Hits even closer to home than I thought.
  9. SF and OSI as I understand it. It sucks.
  10. Il-2 '46's new supermod!

    It has, the last patch introduced some "blind spots" depending on the experience level of the enemy AI. So, they can be slipped up on and aren't all seeing. They can still outclimb you on forming up, etc. but (and I don't know if it's because I'm better or not) it seems to have been toned down a bit.
  11. Who has Star Wars Tickets?

    Affirmative. Rank only goes so far. Besides, she's going whether she likes it or not!
  12. Who has Star Wars Tickets?

    New Year's Eve. Already cleared with CINCHOUSE.
  13. Saitek Win10 beta drivers with an X52. Seems to work so far.
  14. Please post up when these are released to the wild!
  15. To be honest, I don't fool with the profile software for SF2. I just program it using SF2.
  16. I've had DCS for quite a while and bought several modules. Not that I ever used it much because I have what would be considered a minimum spec system for running DCS. (ASUS AMD Athelon II X2 220 2.8G, 64 bit Win 10, 8 GB ram, GTX 650 Ti 2MB. Like I said, decidedly minimum.) Consider it banking them for the future. I would get 20-40 (40 looking at the sky) in free flight (F-86) with frequent dips into the teens using low presets. Stuttering to the point it would be nearly unflyable if anything was going on. With 1.5 and low presets I get 120. Not a typo. 120 frames. Using medium I get 80. Fantastic! It's finally useable and I can SEE! Still getting the odd stutter but I think it's either rendering or the full screen bug. At any rate, color me impressed.
  17. 11 Sept 2001

    Don't ever forget. EVER forget.
  18. Battle of Britian Simulators for 75th anniversary

    No problem, also read the hints and tips and it'll give you a way to fly a "career" with a single squadron. 33Lima is correct about the syncronized ballet of formation movements. It's been improved but it's still there. The AI truely is first rate and most importantly, it's variable. You get an "experten" you will know it and they will fly like they know how to fly to the strenghts of their aircraft.

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