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  1. If you have your profile linked to steam and you have one of the other titles, yes it will. If you only have BoBP, then it will not show up yet since it's not released.
  2. Top Gun Maverick

    I'm in
  3. I have never checked or used the UH-1 in game mode, however the A-10C has it. I would assume the rest of them do as well.
  4. My suggestion is that if you get the download, use the HTTP option. I let the torrent run all night (2000-0545) and it was only 89%. I shut down the torrent and chose the HTTP option and it was done in about an hour 15.
  5. RAF Green Camo for SE5a

  6. How Not To Be Seen

    I actually used to use this when teaching camo, cover and concealment classes. Always a favorite!
  7. I'm in floods of tears here

  8. I know the SF Ops officer. Hits even closer to home than I thought.

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