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  1. Jet Sounds Collection 2

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  5. CloudSkins Too: PaintedClouds

    Yes, an outstanding mod. Everyone should try this one out.
  6. Like many of us, I like high resolution textures. There is always some performance hit with them. But they make a huge difference, and are worth it IMO. I decided to see if I could get some decent effects by simply enlarging the tiles, and putting them through a texture filter. Basically using the color information on these larger, blurry tiles to generate sort of a elevation map. Its not perfect for sure, but it does add detail. And these tiles can be created very quickly. I did about half of the terrain tiles in 30 minutes. Here is a shot show new beside old. To me, it looks better. I would like to make them look alittle more different though. For one thing, make the sand have the ripples, or waves in it as seen in the real world. But the fact that the tiles get rotated makes this imposable to get to look right. Anyway, what to you guys think. I plan to finish it out of course, but some of the other tiles will have to be done a little different. So they will take longer. The farm tiles turn out looking funny when put through this.
  7. Well, I figured it out. I had to use the weapons editor, and put a check in the Israel box. Now the weapons show.
  8. Yeah, guess i just wait for someone's uber updated Yom Kippur campaign. I tired of fool'n with it now, its pissed me off... :)
  9. Supply[015].WeaponType=AGM-65A Supply[015].Quantity=120<------------------------- Supply[016].WeaponType=Rockeye Supply[016].Quantity=240<----------------------- Could this be why? TK said that the new campaign engine kept track of everything. Maybe the Quantity of a weapon represents the Quantity for the whole Airforce. What I'm saying is if another aircraft has the same weapon listed in the campaign data, with a different quantity it would cause a problem?
  10. Yeah, like I said 1973 for the mav A. Yom Kippur start date 73. I must be rusty, I've been fool'n around with these games for along time. Never posted here much though. I just have one question, Have any of you tried to add a weapon to a default aircraft, in any of the default WOI campaigns?

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