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  1. FE2 Ammo types

    i appreciate your help i did something a little bit NUTS! i copied the ammowt value and pasted it at warheadwt the result is REALLY NUTS
  2. FE2 Ammo types

    THANKS! Armor! it has to be this one! it felt just like hitting a flying King Tiger tank! with every hit it twerks at me then keeps flying! indeed! the Mk2Boost rate of fire is not as high as the normal mk2 or mk1, it is similar to that of 37s on the migs
  3. FE2 Ammo types

    ya! totally it was so knightly thing up in the air if i could manage to put the plane on the ground one piece i`d set it on fire NO EVIDENCE
  4. FE2 Ammo types

    awesome work you did with the mod package! i have tried the mk II Vickers, 2 sec burst didnt take an Albatros down, i made sure in the debrief, i counted up to 20 hits i missed something clearly may be i shoud tweak MuzzleVel or Ammowt ? or the aircraft itself for how much damage it could endure?
  5. FE2 Ammo types

    THANKS! im downloading your tweaks package right now you sir made everything clear and simple i prefer editing in text too
  6. FE2 Ammo types

    the editor opens to a box which says select saved game folder where no folders to select i must have missed something a text file line somewhere to make it read where the mod folder is at
  7. FE2 Ammo types

    thanks! ima take a shoot at it and see
  8. FE2 Ammo types

  9. is it possible to change ammo types for the Vickers? i want to use incendiaries

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