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  1. There is a "160Upgrade15Oct2018.exe" 7-zip self-installer in the 160 Special folder at MediaFire Running it in the 160 folder installs new folders, or adds additional material to some existing ones. As you can see there is some new material, and the very latest exes are installed. Try the "FlashNM.exe" which is the new map version of the latest exe which shows the flashing colours on the default main screen. "FlashOM.exe" is the old map version, recommended for Switzerland and the Carrier Air War theatres. Jel
  2. As you say you do not get any nenu or selection screens I need to ask just what you installed, but the following info may be useful in any case. There are six different forms of the 160 exe. 1.29 came in two forms because it was no longer locked into the 640x320 tile-map. The "old map" version still read the 640x320 tile-maps, and used the "Europe1.pic" file, but the "new map" version read tile-maps of a different size and used the "TargMap.pic" file. Since then there have always been the old and new map versions of every exe. So now there are the old and new map versions of: 1. The normal exe which has the traditional method of aircraft, target and base selection that you are asking for. 2. The "MPOnly" exe which runs straight into multiplayer. 3. The "Special" exe which is designed for people who have problems with corrupted screens, and uses an external front end to set up or load "*.msn" files containing all the flight data needed. The exe reads the "*.msn" file" when it launches, and after a few seconds you are in the game without any screens. The difference between 150/160 and previous exes is that they use separate theatres and planesets, so in 160 there is a file-manager which enables the user to select the exe, the theatre and the planeset. There is another and slightly more complex file-manager that does the same, but also lets an expert user build new planesets or edit existing ones. I used it to make the new "Swiss" planeset yesterday.
  3. Check this sticky at SimHQ- it will get you going http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4420352/installing-160special#Post4420352
  4. The basic is just a test to see if 160 runs on your PC. From memory it is using a single MSN file that is built in. It's a while since I used it so I will check and get back to you.
  5. The theatre is using seasonal terrain
  6. As it happened I had just been testing the revolver cannon entry when I saw the new post. I was considering updating the old version and publishing it. AFAIK the old one does not allow the text entry which VBH would need.
  7. As each aircraft has its individual "Plane.dat" file the single plane editor has the flex value available where the value can be typed in and saved in the file. Unfortunately it cannot be used on a 30 plane "planes.dat" file
  8. EAW devellopment needs help

    Your words and hence my question. In this thread where has any of your work been discredited? Actually the opposite is true: .... and to clarify my post was a response made by Mark about the retro look and feel
  9. EAW devellopment needs help

    I do not understand VB. Where has your work been discredited in this thread?
  10. EAW devellopment needs help

    EAWPro meets the requirements of those people quite well. There is no problem if there is only one planeset and theatre. However, the hangar sounds and sprites are often totally inappropriate for other theatres and planesets, here is an example from the original "Malta": It was always a PITA to have to make "picplnA/B/G.mnu" files which limited your aircraft selection to set slots, even if there were flyable planes in the "bomber" slots. Hence, a new system was introduced in which there were only two selection screens, listing either the flyable allied or the flyable axis planes. The option to use the "picpln" files remains in the versions up to and including UAW1.28F - it is just a setting in the "eaw"ini" file. The hangar screens remained, but at some point the running of hangar sprites and sounds was disabled. to avoid problems such as the one in the screenshot. If you want a game that can cope with multiple theatres and planesets, then this reduction in immersion is the small price you pay for the immense benefits you receive. Jel
  11. Your download still has the cursor :( I fixed one of my versions
  12. I'll be nitpicky as I just made a 160 version, and in doing that I noticed that you had your mouse-cursor in your pic :) I have also used an ini setting that turns the flashing colours on or off.
  13. An unashamed plug to show what the current 160Special installation can do http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4439842/shots-from-160#Post4439842
  14. EAWPRO's ''Buggy'' 3D shadows

    Fair enough, they are not bugs in that sense. However, with the releases of the 1.28 series people would report occasional graphics issues such as cockpit needles in the wrong places, and refer to them as bugs, so I had used the term "minor bugs" in the broader sense. They were not problems with the exe, but problems with support files
  15. EAWPRO's ''Buggy'' 3D shadows

    Russ From different angles they do not look good From the position of the wing shadow there is no way that you would see the shadow of the cockpit and the tail fin These are the 1.2 equivalents with no problems VBH You have provided a package of the exe, cdf and fxe files and a few additional files. There is some excellent and creative stuff, but for me there are some files that give a poor impression and detract from the whole thing. Apart from the shadows, it seems that the terrible 1.2 forests are included, and I know that you have your own much better versions The wave-crests are creative, but they look wrong when you see them running in random directions due to the tile orientation. I recall your providing a removal too with Pactide III. If you are flying low over the sea with water tile after water tile being loaded the seaweed keeps continually generating in front of you because of the "EAW_TTD.dat" file. It is not a nice effect. Jel
  16. EAWPRO's ''Buggy'' 3D shadows

    I agree that there are limitations in the source code that always cause the shadows to be drawn as though the sun is directly overhead, ans never take into account the real direction of the sun. I cannot see that anyone has the time to write some new shadow code to make them appear correctly. However, given that limitation I still prefer the ones that look more realistic, especially as 3-D shadows do not exist on plane surfaces.
  17. EAWPRO's ''Buggy'' 3D shadows

    Real shadows on any flat surface like this runway are two dimensional, and having three dimensional mirror images as shadows may be creative, but it is pointless. The default 1.2 shadows are much more realistic: I leave it to the readers to decide
  18. Fine Stratos here they are: This is an unashamed promotion of the possibilities available from the current 160Special installation with different theatres, starting with some screenies from Carrier Air War. This was an allied intercept mission: Successful take-off from the carrier Check the map: Enemy in sight: Up close and personal! Rear view just after the kill: Checking out a few coastal TMods: Bouncing bomb mission Set-up Ground start take off in 4-engined bombers There's the Upkeep: A test drop in safe waters, just for the screenie. You can see the bomb and the bounce splashes: Missed everything :( Better luck next time. This time the Mediterranean theatre and one of Ray's DAW planesets: Set-up: Mission: Just the ETO default, but don't you love that gun convergence that goes back to the original 1.28 release ? Somebody asked me for a Corsair ;) Set-up Take-off Down goes a Betty..... ....and now a Zero ;) Jel
  19. The mouse cursor is an easy fix. Create a shortcut to the eaw.exe on your desktop, or in the taskbar and use it to launch EAW. With the more complete 160 installations there is a "launch" burtton on the filemanagers.
  20. I have just returned from a holiday in Switzerland. Just to give you an idea of the complexities this is an edited overview from the 1.2X code, relating to some of the picture and menu reading code, broken into three sections. Many of the routines referenced are called multiple times in dozens of "c" files SECTION 1: Picture loading/reading routines called in "readpic.c": void readpaltopal void readpictopal void readpictopal16 size_t readpicheader size_t ReadPicHeader void LoadMenuColors void UnloadMenuColors ********************************************************* SECTION 2 "Readpic.h" header file: /* ** READPIC.C stuff */ // // Stuff for pic files. // #define PIC_VERSION 0x0500 #define PIC_PAL_DEFINED 0x0001 #define PIC_BIT_MAPPED 0x0002 #define PIC_NO_IMAGE 0x0004 #define PIC_SEGA 0x0008 // just here for compatibility ** Not Used ** #define PIC_8_BIT_PAL 0x0040 // // Compression window sizes. // #define PIC_WIN_2K 0x0000 #define PIC_WIN_4K 0x0010 #define PIC_WIN_8K 0x0020 #define PIC_WIN_16K 0x0030 #define PIC_WIN_SIZE_MASK 0x0030 // // Header for .PIC files. // typedef struct { UWORD Version; // Version of compressor UWORD Status; // Status flags. See above // Note: If the PIC_PAL_DEFINED bit is set then // the palette is defined after this structure as // 256 RGB values. (768 bytes) short Width; // Width of image short Height; // Height of image } PicHeader; typedef struct _DiskColor // this is how the palette is stored on disk { // as a tripplet RGB UBYTE Red; UBYTE Green; UBYTE Blue; } DiskColor; void readpicnopal( Window *window, char *filename); void readpaltopal( char *filename, PALETTEENTRY *palette); void readpictopal( Window *window, char *filename, PALETTEENTRY *palette); size_t readpicheader(char *filename, PicHeader *hdr, PALETTEENTRY *palette); size_t ReadPicHeader(int file_handle, PicHeader *hdr, PALETTEENTRY *palette); /* ** LZW.C stuff (The un-compressor) */ void LZWBufferUnCompress(void *LZWBuffer, void *WinBuffer, PALETTEENTRY *palette); void LZWUnCompress(int file_handle, Window *window, PALETTEENTRY *palette); // // LZW Defines // #define MMAXBUF 16384 #define BUFBITS 14 #define MAXRUN 255 #define LZW_XEB_SIZE (MMAXBUF+MAXRUN) #define DISK_BUF_SIZE 2048 // // LZW token def. // typedef struct { UWORD pos; UWORD run; short trailerLength; UWORD trailerPos; } lzToken; // // Expansion buffer (can be used for other things) // extern UBYTE LZW_XEB[]; extern UBYTE DiskBuf[]; *********************************************************************************************** SECTION 3: Select cases in menu reading, many of which call picture reading routines: case LM_MENU_ALLOC: case LM_ALLOCFSMENU: case LM_SCREW: case LM_BULLET: case LM_HSLIDER: case LM_HOT_SPOT: case LM_VSLIDER: case LM_LOADPIC: case LM_LOADPICPAL: case LM_INIT_CODE: case LM_PIC_NAME: case LM_HEADER: case LM_MENU_ANIM: case LM_TEXT: case 27: // LM_DUPE_TEXT: case LM_RAISED_AREA: case LM_RECESSED_AREA: case LM_BOX: case LM_RECT: case LM_FILLED_RECT: case LM_LINE: case LM_CENTER_MENU: case LM_BUTTON: case LM_CLEAR_COLOR: case LM_END: Jel
  21. Balderdash. A public release was made of "EAWUnProfessional", and it left the user with a root folder containing over 350 additional files needed to make it work properly. Some people use OAW, so I re-packaged it in OAW format for OAW users. That's what I hosted, and that's what I removed at VBH's insistence. In OAW format these files were protected from deletion and the set-up was very tidy. Anyone downloading it knew that it was VBH's work but re-packaged in a form that suited them.
  22. EAW160 trial version

    Sticky keyboard LOL Of course this is a trial version, but it will let you find out how well your PC can handle UAW160
  23. For people without any previous installation there is a trial version of UAW160 here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/t50ggs9e0z21vcx/160Barebones.exe It gives you the default ETO set-up as in EAW1.2, and is a full working standalone installation. When you download it you get a "160Barebones.exe" which is a 7-zip self installer. Running it generates a "160Barebones" folder with the complete installation: It should be just a matter of running the "eaw.exe". Jel
  24. EAW160

    Just updating things here there are several posts in the EAW forum at SimHQ about EAW160, with information and download links. I will not elaborate here, as if readers are interested they can check out the posts http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/forums/85/1/european-air-war
  25. The EAW Code Development Team are pleased to announce the availability of the 1.28C upgrade Many new features are included. here is the Readme: http://www.users.on.net/pam_biddell/EAW1.28C_Readme.htm and you can download the 54 MB upgrade here: http://www.users.on.net/pam_biddell/128CInstall.exe Cheers Jel

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