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Found 51 results

  1. Okay here's the first release of it. I forgot to mention in the readme that its hooked for direct input and has a virtual joystick. That will allow you to configure the game flight controls to keyboard and cam to mouse. (I don't think the virtual Joystick if selected in game will work) Its best to stay with keyboard until you get a physical joystick. EAWPRO DXWnd Profile https://www.mediafire.com/file/sia0o8hby2r44tm/EAWPRO10_(Basic)-DXWnd.zip/file For this Wrapper Program http://sourceforge.net/projects/dxwnd/
  2. Thx to Erik and Stratos a special EAWPRO club was erected where further devellopment of my work can take place without unnecessary interruptions. Anyone is welcome to read it's contents which remains uncensored, but discussions are limited to members only and admittance to the club is exclusively under my control. Ofcourse crticism about EAWPRO can still be posted in the General EAW forum and when possible will be taken to heart. I'm sorry that there is no other way to present my work but it will not hamper further devellopment in any way. You can find the club through the forum's main page or by selecting CLUBS in the top from any page in the CA forum or by clicking the picture below:
  3. (re)birth of a carrier

    8 hours to unravel it's R/S secrets and 8 more to tweak the model into a light fleet/escort cariier. From here the model can be turned into any carrier class or split up into a multipart model. As a single 3DZ it can be a moving interdiction target (not landable) as well as a static target in harbours or alongside the coast. This is just a start as the model will be turned into a 100% model and It's texture will be upgraded soon. VonBeerhofen This picture shows the R/S check of a beached carrier with a few additions already :) The model will be added to PTIV as the new EAWPRO exe has freed a slot for an extra ship.
  4. Reichenberg II

    The Reichenberg was the first and last plane I created in 2010, but with some recently acquired knowledge I felt the model should benefit from it, hence II. The initial model had it's cockpit more integrated into the fuselage but pictures show it was more of a small cubicle on top of the body. The old version also only used 6 sides and now 10. It may be further improved someday but for now this is where it stands. Weapons wil be added later too. As usual a rock solid R/S, new skin, semi 3D pilot (as in the Ohka) and dashboard (not visible yet in this picture but it's already there). VBH
  5. OHKA prototype

    Derived from my Reichenberg and still carrying some of it's details but with a fully working Rendering Sequence. There is a pilot inside too but I couldn't use the Reichenberg's tranparency file but he's in there. The skin is largely from the Reichenberg with a white overlay and all colors removed from the plane and a quick Nippon dot replacing the German insignia. Later a proper skin with proper shading will be added but first the model needs to be tweaked so all V1 details are properly adapted to get the model as it should be. Notice that the model has 8 sides, like my Reichenberg, giving it a rounder shape then the stock V1. Couldn't squeeze more out of it due to the model's small size which limits the circumference of a circle polygon. However large planes can use this technique too and may be able to use 10 or 12 sides. VonBeerhofen
  6. Extra weapons

    In line with the latest weapons loadout expansion, which adds some 7 or 8 new selectable weapons to EAWPRO the FritzX guided bomb was created. The bomb with an 800 KG warhead was used in anti shipping raids and carried by the JU 88 amongst others. The plan is to use every available weapon slot and hopefully make em work too. The FritzX for now is a selfpropelled weapon with a high drop ratio since human control of guided missiles or bombs is not yet programmed in EAW, so it'll have to do for now. VonBeerhofen
  7. New Supertrees 2 variant

    Using a very old texture design which used to be UHR (= 512 x 256) redesigned for standard texture size 256 x 256 in 8 bit. 3D model may still change as it was selected from my base library of models. Another one may be more impressive, you never know. VonBeerhofen
  8. Operation Husky

    Now playing in the EAW Launchpad, Operation Husky, the Allied Invasion of Italy. New true WWII railroad map (in yellow). VonBeerhofen
  9. A while back EAWPRO was called AFB (All Flyable Bombers) but I was forced to change the name to EAWPRO because Mr. Jelly released an addon with the same name. He also has a so called EAWPRO theatre meant for use in his version and one for use with OAW. Recently an addon appeared for SPAW named the Final Cut, a name which I have used for almost a decade for a work in progress. What's the goal of such actions, don't people realise that it will only lead to confusion and possible cross contamination of addons? What's created for EAWPRO will screw up addons which were not created for EAWPRO and vice versa. I have uploaded a SPAW_UPGRADE.ZIP (Special Air War) to my FTP site to demonstrate the danger, it is NOT for the SPAW addon but for EAWPRO and I hope people can imagine what would happen when this addon would be added to a none EAWPRO version. This addon is for the active Launchpad members only and should NOT be added to any other vesion but EAWPRO! Whatever the goal is, it's dangerous and detremental to the game and I advice people to stay away from such use. If you don't then you're knowingly putting people's computers at risk. The name The Final Cut has been used for an EAWPRO work in progress for a very long time now and the use elsewhere is pure folly, as everyone in the EAW community will understand. A simmilar warning like this was treated in another forum as a threat and got me banned for two months due to my poor knowledge of the English language, IT IS NOT A THREAT, IT IS A PLEA TO STOP THIS IRRESPONISBLE BEHAVIOUR AND A WARNING TO THE EAW COMMUNITY TO BE AWARE OF POSSIBLE CROSS CONTAMINATION OF ADDONS WHICH CAN POSSIBLY HARM PEOPLE'S COMPUTERS! VonBeerhofen
  10. The Mediteranian

    Had a bit of spare time so I decided to design a new seamless water tile for the Italy addon, and here it is! VonBeerhofen
  11. 100% Deuce and a half

    Fueltruck version. This model came originally from Gunship and was completely overhauled. Texture was reorganised to allow more bits and pieces. Missing parts were added and the model was reshaped to a more curvy version based on photographs from the web. I have several slightly different versions now and hope to turn one into a fire engine, just because I think EAW should have one. VonBeerhofen
  12. Full 4 engine capabillity

    Finally managed to implement start/stop functions for engines 3 & 4, thanks to two unused entries in the key bindings array. The two keys are actually used elswhere as well to control keyboard throttle up/down (+/-) movement. The rewritten routines do NOT interfere with this behaviour as long as planes don't have engines 3 & 4, so it will still work on single and twin engined planes. The EAW/INI still allows remapping of these keys and I will pprobably adapt their text entries to show the duality of these keys. With the added feature it's not yet clear if more needs to be done in respect to the already adapted engine overheat/damage routines but I think when we test these features in our online games in the Launchpad any negative behaviour will soon surface. Offline I've not seen any anomalous behaviour sofar but it's still early days, so fingers crossed! BTW, if my decrepid computer allows new startup sounds for the Quads will be implemented (already downloaded some). It'll require a bit more memory and I can't really say if my current install can handle much more. Shouldn't be a problem on newer computers with sufficient memory though, so I'll add them anyway. They can be removed from the gamefolder if necessary. VonBeerhofen
  13. 100% Kubelwagen

    Acomplete overhaul of the Kubelwagen using every available node in a 3DZ model . Full 3D figures, headlights, windshield, backlights, folded top cover, spare wheel and proper seats and VW dashboard. An alternative skinned version with raised windscreen and mirrors is under devellopment. VonBeerhofen
  14. Redesigned Halftrack

    This 100% model was rebuild from scratch and made fully 3D with appropiate troop space and benches, gunmounts, headlights, viewports, sidemounts and proper tracks like in my previous models. In the destroyed version the tracks come off and lie useless on the ground, obviously rendering the object useless. Textures could probly still be improved a little but this is where it stands now. VonBeerhofen
  15. Bingo, got myself a Dingo

    A pretty tough job due to it's weird angular surfaces. Next to the jeep a very important scouting vehicle which was known to drive as fast forward as it could do backwards to quickly get out of trouble. Not invulnerable though, as the picture shows. VonBeerhofen
  16. Guard tower

    Sofar comes in 3 nationalities, US, German and Japanese with appropiate changes to the model textures. British model is still a work in progress. VonBeerhofen
  17. Jagdpanzer!

    Found this in an old FXEXE install and almost forgot it needed just a bit more work because of harddrive issues in the past. A few more details will be added and texture mapping may still change a little. VonBeerhofen
  18. Further enhancements

    I've been able to activate damage modelling for all planes in EAWPRO. It was very limited for the previously none flyable aircraft but now is on par with all other planes as far as I can tell. In fact these routines were further enhanced by introducing more unpredictable behaviour when planes get damaged and the pilot is not dead (yet). Normally one would need to use an additional randomisation routine to make this happen, but in assembly coding there are many memory locations which already generate a random value which only needs to be read and then can be used at will. Such use will save app. 100 bytes from the game loop, every time a random value is required. and since the game uses this routine about 1000 times speed can be dramattically increased by not using it and just reading the value directly from a memory location, like for instance the stack pointer or Windows clock timer's microseconds. I've used it on numerous other occasions to save speed and space in the program and from here on, or actually from a while back on, I will usie this approach rather then calling on the randomisation routines where possible, after all the results are not any different but it will definately speed up the game a little. VonBeerhofen
  19. What can be achieved (graphics heavy content!) when your heart is in it. One of EAW's challenges to me has always been to make objects look as solid, strong and realistic as they are and it's not easy to do within the limitations of the game. Harbours for instance aren't just a few lines on a terrain tile but solid structures with a lot of objects and defenses. Plane shelters aren't waver thin polygons but solid concrete, often up to 1/2 a meter thick. Canons on ships don't sit on the side of a turret but are protruding from the front, pointing at the enemy. Without control over the dreaded rendering sequence it never looks right, stuff disappears behind the 3D model or displays in front of it when it shouldn't or switches on/off like a nervous object which doesn't know what to do. It limits any creation in that smaller details have to be left out because it makes these problems worse to a point that it really gets annoying. So I came up with EAW's equivalent of CFS2's 100% 3D models, objects which use every available bit of space in the 3D models and sometimes surpass it's limitations. In the past 10 years I've build a lot of these 100% models which, when properly combined, create pretty realistic environments. The city models were expanded, resulting in more buildings per object and photographic skins to make em look even better. New models were build trying to capture the atmosphere of remote towns and villages in other countries, essential to make an addon campaign like Italy work. These models are way more complicated then a plane's fuselage or a two engined wing or a tailpeace, even though they also have their own challenges. The time invested in these objects is simply staggering, as at the time my knowledge about solving R/S problems was not very great but vastly improved over time. The problem wasn't really in building the models or creating the skins but in solving every rendering issue as the model progressed and learning why it was such a problem. Creation times went from over 6 months for a single 100% model to less then a week full time today. Every new object has got these issues when not being a simple cube but something with curves and various angles. One wrong placement of a node or polygon and things no longer work as they should and it's time to call in the 3DZ detective. The problem is different every time and not something you can spot at a glance unless you've come across this problem before. If you haven't it becomes a wild guess, and it gets worse when the model has 5 or 6 such issues. Even today some problems, even though solved, remain obscure as to why they're happening but as opposed to wings and fuselages there is more freedom to move polygons around, I mean if a sunscreen doesn't work over the restaurant then you can always move it elsewhere and with a bit of luck get a proper result. Still, the issue needs to be examined and solved if you want to stick to your original idea as moving the polygon isn't a solution but a bodged fix which doesn't teach you anything. So here are a few of these solved problems in my collection, which I think add just that touch of realism which has always been missing because Pentium 3's were simply not fast enough to display these models at reasonable framerates. Amogst these objects are also tanks, trucks, ships, weapons and defense structures like Belgian Gates and Czech hedgehogs, pilboxes, barbed wire, trees, bushes and crops, etc. etc. Von Beerhofen BTW rather then destroying one of my own bridges a replica of the Antheor Viaduct is close to being completed, the proper way as a 100% 3D model with a fully working R/S, as it's an object which will suit the italy addon and give it the right atmosphere!
  20. a completely new tree design which can be used for other coniferes as well. Criteria for the build was first of all to get something different for Italy but also something which is as light rendering as the stock tree models in EAW, like my other tree designs. It will allow to put the model into rows of trees but also a large number into a clump of trees ( twice as many as the stock design and 4 times as many with additional shadow replacements). Since the model is so sleek I've put two different textures into a single drawing for some extra variation (only one shown). VonBeerhofen
  21. 8 bit texture in 256 x 256 pixels and fully working R/S: Object may still undergo further enhancements, plenty of room left! VonBeerhofen
  22. Outdated graphics?

    Somwhere at an idyllic location near Cote d'Azur, :) Hires model 256 pixel texture in 8 bit for the Final Cut addon: VonBeerhofen
  23. Just a scary picture

    While anihilating an Me410 my Mosquito got caught in the resulting blastwave causing damage to my hydraulics and left engine! VonBeerhofen
  24. Next to the added control surface animations and added animations on groundobjects, I've managed to add two new animations, bulletholes and oil leak, and created the possibillity for 4 more to be used for other plane damage or whatever comes along. These are not really animations in the true sense of the word but more a state change of a textured polygon. Some of these animations can use multiple states making them a true animation, but most only use one or two states. The new ones only use a single state, so on or off, but their placement on the 3D models can be anywhere and for instance turn the front canopy into a partially blackened window with bulletholes, which will make it harder to see properly. It can also be used to blacken the engine area or cowlings, remove plating and show underlying struts or add tearing or cracks in the windshield, etc. These animations work both inside as outside the plane but there are a few snags. First of all the cockpit can be switched on or off with a key pressure, unless this feature is disabled in the EAW.INI, but when switched off the animation is also switched off and you'll have a clear view inspite of the animation being active. A huge advantage is that the realtime event triggers for these animations have always been there already, so there's no additional cost to framerates. Ofcourse new plane and cockpit models have to be created which will use these animations, 30 planes is probably doable but it will take a long time to get them all working. Besides that none of the default cockpits have glass panels in them and adding them is another tough job which requires proper knowledge about the Rendering Sequence and the use of 3DZ parts. However I have a few new cockpits which do have glass panels already, so these are most likely to get these new animation codes first. I can't see any issues for the stock planes but I can't say how far it can be taken, they need sufficient room in their textures to add new drawings, plus new polygon overlays and possibly a recalculated R/S, which is always a pain. So further devellopment is on a plane to plane basis as there is no easy bulk solution yet, but there are a few old tricks I may be able to use. VonBeerhofen
  25. Alt_N/autopilot to homebase bugfix On screen HUD info was spaced out more for better readabillity on high resolution monitors View Objects horizon fix with closer zoom Runway line up spacing based on planesizes Parameter selection fix for all operating systems New NoCD drive version (original Microprose code) More agile and agressive AI Further integration of previously None Flyable Aircraft Further expansion on ACE skill level New Invader, Attack-Bomber, Figher-Bomber capabillity JU87 (Stuka) new FIXED GEAR entry in PLANES.DAT New cockpit gunflash A few other changes and fixes and more optimised code for improved FPS Current count: 42.833 bytes changed in comparison with v1.2 of wich 9.511 were removed from the gameloop! Work in progress: Raised bridges not fully working yet! JU87 brakes fix Gunflash positions Engine sounds The upgrade is available here: http://rabartel.home.xs4all.nl/HOTLINK.zip Requirements: A standalone and original EAWPRO version, available from Mark EAW's Helpsite, extracted into any official Microprose version. https://eaw.neocities.org To install: extract the .ZIP into your EAWPRO gamefolder (where the EAW.EXE resides) and allow overwrites. I hope you guys like, :) ! VonBeerhofen

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