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  1. Balderdash.

    A public release was made of "EAWUnProfessional", and it left the user with a root folder containing over 350 additional files needed to make it work properly.

    Some people use OAW, so I re-packaged it in OAW format for OAW users. That's what I hosted, and that's what I removed at VBH's insistence.

    In OAW format these files were protected from deletion and the set-up was very tidy. Anyone downloading it knew that it was VBH's work but re-packaged in a form that suited them.

  2. I downloaded it and seeing the filenames I correctly guessed that it was for 640x480 selection screens and set it up to fly in 1.28c


    Some nice screens, ground objects and skins, but that is it.


    The aircraft selection has the default aircraft names (Spit 1a etc)

    The ETO flight models are used as there are no flight model files are provided.

    The hangar files are the default ones as none are provided.


    I have just been flying the default EAW planes, doing WW2 missions over the default terrain at speeds sometimes exceeding 300 mph wearing WW1 skins.

    In my last test mission I was effectively flying a Spit IX wearing the skin of a WW1 bi-plane.


    Sorry, but there is much more to EAW than this.

    Sadly this is not a WW1 mod.



    Further checking as a result of graphical problems with the aircraft in the Ju88a slot shows that files from a beta version of the yet to be released "The Western Front" scenario which is still under development have been included in this download.

    No permission was sought, and none would be given at this juncture. The details of the files match exactly the ones in my beta version of TWF for the 1.29 platform.


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