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  1. Well that explains it, Thanks for hostin Jeff. Gotta say I was abit miffed why sim with so many key commands had no documention. <_< Dont worry Ubi/ED it happens,
  2. Its just a demo, not the full release and that time frame hasnt changed from Winter of 2003, so were still in good shape, More previews and videos should hold us over till then. I feel worse for Carl and Matt then I do about not havin a demo. :(
  3. There is another way of doing this While in notepad right click file then select save as, in the Save as file type dropdown select all files, then in the file name use "(Quotation marks) in front of the name and at the end like this "MyMission.msn" select where ya want the file saved to then click save Learned this from writing config files for Q3 engine based games hope this helps MajBlunder
  4. Excellent Job MJ, look foward to the next installments.
  5. I normally dont have a problem aiming at the engines, but I installed a MSFF2 joystick and when pullin the trigger on the cannons it really takes aiming to a new demension or should I say hitting something
  6. This damn plane took forever to take down
  7. Thanks Trident, Some things I guess ill just have to try out on my own when I get my copy Still this is getting very tense, gotta think with all the stuff coming out about LOCK ON that release is close,, really close
  8. How is rearming handled in MP? Is there a observer mode in MP? Can I ditch in the ocean and be rescued? If I crash into the carrier on landing approach does the carrier sustain damage? thus halting flight ops till its repaired Do the cats sometimes malfuction? IF/can i change IFF frequencies, do friendlys attack?
  9. Excellent news indeed :D alot of user made mods and planes are surfacing aswell. Just like a fine wine, it gets better with age...hic
  10. I also have no engine sounds, same with the Tu-4, even tried changing the PropLoop to JetEngine in the planes DATA.INI..... Looks like i gotta extract the data files for the C-130 and take a look at how they are setup, maybe somethin in there might give me an idea of whats up with sounds... I found the info I needed over at SimHq in this thread http://oldsite.simhq.com/simhq3/sims/board...t=005745#000006 Used CALs DATA.INI info
  11. Hiyas, Messing around some more with the missions I stumbled on this nice little feature. Currently the formations off all the ground targets has them spread out which makes it kinda hard to get a good strafe run or napalm attack going. Currently the ground targets are set in Battalion formation, if we change this to Convoy they get lined up all in a row. Open the .msn file with notepad [GroundMission001] GroundObjectType=T-55 Name=Tank Btn FormationType=TruckConvoy <-- Change it to look like this Size=15 <--if theres to many targets or not enough change this RandomChance=100 Position=373403.000,524983.000,0.0 Heading=270.0 <-- change this to make units face different directions. Speed=0.0 Alignment=ENEMY Edit any of the GroundMissions to your liking.
  12. Its not a mission generator, its mission editor, I posted a link in the Radar Mission Topic in this forum the last time ya asked. I only use it to setup the mission, the rest of the stuff I add manually using notepad.. open up any of the missions I have made and posted here with notepad, you will see how the missions are structured. The hardest part is getting positions, to do that ya gotta turn on the debugger so that coordinates are displayed. When I first make the mission I remove all the waypoints and add a start position for a airbase I want to take off from, then I do alittle recon work flying around looking for places, pause the sim and write down the positions, this works good for waypoints. Setting ground objects is alittle more complicated. I will take off and fly to an area that I want to place these objects in, then I crash the plane and use the mouse to zoom around the area and record the positions. I then esc outta the mission and and go back to the start screen, alt+tab out and open the mission file with notepad and enter in the ground objects, 1 at a time, then save it and go back to SF and see how the ground object/waypoint looks. Takes alittle while but I have gathered lots of stuff now, and it only a matter of copy/pasting. I also had to use the extract utility to find the different ground objects that are available. IF your interested in making missions this way let me know and I'll try and help ya.
  13. File Attachment mod now in place in the forums!

    Cool I will use this for my next mission, may save some dl headaches Thanks
  14. the file must be saved as a .msn file check the file ya dl and see if it looks like this, bomb.msn if it looks like this bomb.msn.txt then it wont work. remove the .txt from the file and it should work. There was something i forgot to mention when dl. After ya right click and select SAVE TARGET AS, from the SAVE AS TYPE drop down select ALL FILES, then point it to your SF/Missions folder. My bad, I apploigize for any inconvience,

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