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  1. My KLu adventure

    Thanks all :) Here is the video we made for our graduation!:
  2. My KLu adventure

    And it has not been a waste of time:
  3. My KLu adventure

    It's basically an AF SOC assignment. I don't know a whole lot about it either, but it comes down to "non specified aircraft", so you might get to fly different types of aircaft and participate in a lot of secret operations. These guys fly their first operational year an average of 200 to 300 combat hours!
  4. My KLu adventure

    Assignments of our class: 18 Americans (14 active duty, 4 guard) and 6 Dutchies. A.D.: 2 x C-17 (Charleston and McChord) 2 x F-16 T-38 FAIP KC-10 (Travis) NSA 2 x KC-135 (Kadena and Fairchild) F-15C C-5 (Travis) RC-135 Predator B-52 The six Dutchies all got their F-16, three guard A-10's and one guard F-16.
  5. My KLu adventure

    I´ll never decline an offer like that! It´s about time for an update; did some cool stuff! Im about to do my advanced formation check (2ship); which basically consists of tactical flying (4-6000ft line abreast to 10 degrees aft, with an altitude stack of up to +/-2000ft), fluid maneuvering (the first babysteps into actual ACM) and some basic formation stuff like fingertip etc. After this check we start with 4ship and "heat to guns" (a little more towards ACM; first come in for an aim-9 shot, then move closer in for a guns track). We also started with low level, which is not too bad blasting around with 420kts groundspeed max at 500ft agl. I'm also a proud member of the machbusters haha, since we have one "zoom and boom-ride" in the syllabus which consists of an unrestricted afterburner climb upto FL390 where we will cruise above mach 1.xx for a short time and do some maneuvering at high speeds. The climb was awesome, busting the Mach only happens on your little mach indicator hehe; but the idea is pretty cool!
  6. My KLu adventure

    Heading towards the runway for my initial T-38C solo. Man, what an awesome experience was that! Just the moment that you realise that you are the only one in the aircraft, that it is really you who is flying a real jet... Hard to believe haha. Very, very cool experience!
  7. My KLu adventure

    Had my first 10 hours in the jet; about to go solo but damn! What a machine haha! Flying jets is so different when you compare it to prop planes. Rolling into bank doesn't do a whole lot, you really have to pull yourself and put the plane where you want it to be. Also, since we're burning our gas a lot faster now, we don't want to waste any time getting something done. If you need to loose a few thousend feet, you don't retard your throttle and put your nose a few degrees below the horizon; now you roll inverted and pull! And especially since the T-38C has a HUD as well, you really get the sensation your just playing some videogame haha. The only difference is that you really do feel the G's
  8. My KLu adventure

    Completed T-6's on the 6th of August and since we had some time untill we had to start T-38's I went to Los Angeles with another Dutchie who finished early. Spent 5 days there and I must say, pretty cool place to hang out. Relaxing at Venice Beach, surfing in Malibu (although surfing was way beter in San Diego), shopping on Rodeo drive, clubbing on Sunset blvd... Not a bad way to spent your "holiday" Starting academics tomorrow and hopefully my dollarride in the first week of september. Really looking forward to the next couple of months. Definately a lot of tough and long days ahead of me, but it will be worth it!
  9. It pays be be a pilot....

    Thats why I joined the Airforce.... I found out later that flying itself is also actually quite nice to do
  10. My KLu adventure

    This weekend 2 ship lowel level cross country to Fort Worth Alliance (KAFW)! After that, 8 flights remaining (2 of them checkrides) and then hopefully start T-38 academics on the 17th of august.
  11. My KLu adventure

    Low level is also in the pocket! Starting with formation tomorrow... Really looking forward to that!
  12. My KLu adventure

    Little update, passed my instrument checkride last friday! Next: beside advanced contact now also low level and formation! :ph34r:
  13. Volkel Air Force Days....

    Make sure that you bring your camera! Obviously, I can´t make it, so please post some pics! It´s a pity, since I would love to see the vulcan in action :yes:

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