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  1. Geary, did you ever find out how to fix the CTD? Gameplay works perfectly, but program sometimes crashes after the end of the mission.....
  2. THANK YOU!!!! Put the files in as instructed and SFP1 is now working for me on Windows 10!! (Can't live without this game - I even have DCS World installed, but just can't beat the playability and modability of the Strike Fighters series!!)
  3. US Drone crash, QF-4 Phantom

    Makes me sad they use the Phantoms in this way - I know that realistically they are otherwise just junk anyway, but the aircraft enthusiast in me wants to preserve them all, and keep them flying in air displays (or even active service with loads of upgrades!), or at least put them in museums. The thought of just blowing them up (especially when they're in airworthy condition) is just heartbreaking.
  4. Buccaneer RAF and RAFG for SF1 only

    So long awaited - this is what SFP1 has been missing up until now... thankyou!!
  5. F-5e

    Cheers DO! I look forward to this more than any other release!!! Absolutely desperate to fly it!! Cheers and keep up the good work!
  6. F-5e

    Does ANYONE have this aircraft on their system? If so PLEASE can you zip the files for me an e-mail me!! humveeman@hotmail.com If anyone knows why this aircraft IS NOT available, then also PLEASE post! I'm very keen to find out how/when I can get this aircraft, or if it is not going to be available. If you have any info, RSVP! Ed.
  7. Hi all, THe F-5E is perhaps one of my all time favourite aircraft, and I am dying to get my hands on the the SFP1 version. Does anybody know either when the new version will be available, or failing that, can anyone send me the zip file for the current version or point me towards an existing host? I'd be most grateful. Many thanks.

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