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  1. Hey, you're right. That bothered me too. And thanks for the info. Eagerly awaiting the new sounds Zzz, thanks for your hard work.
  2. I would love to embarass myself with some pros ... would probably be a good learning experience at the very least. If you guys don't mind a newb tagging along, hook me up with some server info. I have TS as well. Edit - har har, I just realized this is from like two days ago. Oh well -- if anyone wants a whipping boy I'd still be interested.
  3. Hey Zzz, when I was using your sounds for 1.01 I noticed you had (wisely) removed all the radio chatter and warning bells that would be constantly playing when you were navigating menus, setting up missions, etc. If I wanted to, for example, make a .wav out of the "Danger Zone" song from Top Gun and have that play instead during menu navigation so I could further immerse myself in a sick, twisted Tom Cruise fantasy world, where would I put that .wav file? Thanks.
  4. So, I've been reading all this whining and moaning about the patch on the ubi forums. Would someone mind telling me what's so bad about the current version? I haven't noticed any huge issues ... so far at least. I mean, I'm sure there are things that could use some tweaking, but why is the community at large in such an uproar? I haven't been around or been playing long enough to really know. What's up?
  5. Boy, I don't know what people are drinking in "J2O land" but my aim isn't THAT bad after just two or three drinks. This game is sexist* and offensive*. *funny
  6. Thanks for the kind words everyone, and GhostDog, that's a great site, it's pretty much exactly along the lines of what I was looking for, I learned a lot. I have a friend who I think may have a Falcon 4 manual. I'll see if I can beg it off him. Again, thanks.
  7. Well folks, this may seem like an odd request at first. Actually, forget 'seem', I think this is simply an odd request. Here's the background. If you're lazy or don't care, skip down to the bold part. I'm 19 years old, just finished my first year of college. I've never really flown a "real" flight sim before, mostly stuff that's way more "arcade" style (think Crimson Skies. That probably makes you die-hard simmers cringe), and of course my beloved space flight "sim" games. I put sim in quotes because those games are inherently unrealistic. Anyway, being that I wasn't a serious flight sim kind of guy in the past, I just had a cheapo sidewinder joystick, the cheapest they made. In the waning months of my freshman campaign at college, I managed to critically damage the thing by running over the USB connector with my chair (yeah, so my room was messy). Well, now that summer's here I found myself with a backlog of of space sims I wanted to try out or play again, so obviously I needed to purchase a new joystick. Just as I came to this realization, a friend of mine (who plays the same sort of games) was telling me how he caved in to his inner nerd and bought a Saitek X45. He fully admitted that it was way more joystick than he'd ever need, but he just couldn't help himself. Anyway, he showed me some pictures of it and I was, of course, impressed. Then he took a picture of his own X45 in the dark. When I noticed it had gratuitous LEDs on it, I kind of blacked out for a while. When I came-to, I realized I had ordered one for myself. "What the heck," I said. I was working a summer job now and could afford to splurge on a toy. Plus I needed something to keep me entertained for the summer. With this powerful joystick on its way, I redoubled my search for neat games to play with it. See where this is going? Of course I stumbled upon LO:MAC. The screenshots and videos on the site took my breath away. The most important factor? THE A-10 BABY. I've always loved the A-10, it's just so ugly that it's pretty, know what I mean? And one of the earlier games I played as a youngster was a game some of you old folks may recognize - A-10 Tank Killer. Anyway, as I read more about LO:MAC I realized that it was nothing like anything I had ever tried to tackle before. At this point I decided that LO:MAC was going to be a summer project of sorts, a goal to accomplish. I figure it will be a good thing to break up the monotony of my aformentioned summer job, which of course keeps me from going on any sort of fabulous vacation. So LO:MAC it is. So before I even bought it (It's on the way here now) I started reading up. Being a goofy college kid with zero realistic flight sim experience to speak of, let alone real military experience like some of you have, I realized I had a long road ahead of me if I was going to learn how to play this game. For starters I downloaded that huge 140 page pdf manual on this site and browsed through that, but really I think I need something more. Here is a short list of things I know about jets: 1) They're awesome 2) I know a fair to middling amount about the planes themselves, but nothing about flying them 3) Top Gun, regardless of techincal accuracy, is one of the best movies ever. 4) The New York Jets are my favorite football team (one of these days ... one of these days) As you can see, I am ill prepared on even a fundamental level to begin an undertaking like LO:MAC. Concepts like "Angle of Attack" and "bleeding energy" are at best hazy in my mind, barely out of reach of my comprehension. This isn't (I hope) because I'm dumb, but simply because I have so little expereince with them. I'm assuming this sort of knowledge will come with experience, but I'm trying to give myself a leg-up. So after all this, I'm going to finally get to the point: ---Note to lazy people: the point starts here-- I'm looking for any reccomendations you guys can make on a book that I can find at a library or something that will give me a decent intro to the basics of modern combat flight. I'm not looking for some huge 800 page manual, just something that will introduce me to the basic concepts and give me a little leg-up on my conquest of LO:MAC and realistic flying sims. Like I said, I know this is an oddball request and maybe a bit of a longshot, but I hope maybe somene here can reccomend something. Any web sites you could direct me to would be welcome as well. Epilogue: Despite the overall tone of this post, I am not a complete nerd. I realize reading an actual book to prepare me to play a video game may seem like overdoing it, but I'm quite determined to learn how to do this. Like I said, it's sort of a personal goal for the summer. Plus, I don't want to be that guy who fires up the game, takes off, crashes and then says "this is too hard" and never plays again.

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