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  1. Duce, if you happen to find one in US pls let me also know. I've got the CDs but would really likе to get that DVD unlocked version. Thanks, Dirk.
  2. Have to smile .....

    Buddye, the way AI is dogfighting against you in RoF is definitely one of the strongest points already in my opinion in RoF, I'm sure you'll be interested since you've put so much work in it in BoB2. The FM, physics, damage are the best I've seen among flightsims. Landscape is amazing and atmosphere above looks very much realistic, just fun to explore (sightseeing, a bit like in MSFS). I compare it with FSX's skytheme addons and RoF looks better, but haven't seen overcast in RoF yet. Unfortunately I have to wait till they replace 1.002 patch with something newer via their online authorization needle. With all that have been said already the novelty of RoF (and its elements) is very attractive. Dirk.
  3. Have to smile .....

    Objectively we're getting more and more hooked up on the Internet. Look at MS pushing their Windows Live. The piracy is a huge problem in the marginal flight simulation business. Dirk.
  4. Have to smile .....

    No, that's the problem, Wels. You become the hostage of their authorization server that you connect to every single time you restart the game. And it decides for you about everything what you need and need not, including the patches. Why are you asking if have the sim btw? Sounds strange at least. And yeh, I live in europe if you mean geography. ;) Dirk. Guys, pls help me to unsubscribe from this forum, I get EVERY new message that is posted in OFF section. I just want those replies that I subscribe to. Thanks, Dirk.
  5. Have to smile .....

    I've never thought of this, but now I start to understand better those who abstain from internet-based games. If they can fubar that bad their own product, I'm getting concerned about my PC they connect and send their malicious 'patches' to. I'm really frustrated and just need to shut up. Dirk
  6. Have to smile .....

    You better ask them please to fix the latest 1.002 'version' ASAP, the game is practically unplayable at moment. It's just broken. Dirk.
  7. Have to smile .....

    As I said it wouldn't happen. The discussion there has turned in a more reasonable direction (including Chivas): Dobby's RoF review on SimHQ thread So fear not next time, Cameljockey, and speak out if you have to say something. Important - keep it positive and no one will be beaten. ;) Dirk.
  8. Have to smile .....

    Yes, buddye, that's exactly what I call 'comparison' and comparative method, lol, between different products to match your requirements. Anyway there's strange comment from Chivas, who says that OFF3 is not populated enough in that discussion: There's objective method to test what you said above, Chivas, called Lables On. Unless you played it on ground / air activity @ zero, you'd immediately see what you were missing. I've flown most of the flightsim games you'd mention, and I can tell you that OFF3 is the most populatated one (and not faked). Another example, come over to the noman's land I'll see yet how long you'd last there at 500ft, I'd give you no more than 5, because they are really firing at you (surpised?). Even more, you'd actually be able to find the source of each round that you got under your rear, should you really want to investigate... As to the improvements that could be made, so far I know another good game that really needs them direly and many. OFF3 is a piece of art, gold standard already, I just hope RoF will get there one day. Dirk.
  9. Have to smile .....

    We'll see, we'll see yet. But I agree, I'm biased - I love OFF3 and I like RoF. ;) Cheers, Dirk.
  10. Have to smile .....

    No problem with that. But how different or same names of the developers can affect your opinions about games? I find it's natural people compare some aspects of two different ww1 flightsim titles. Unless only if they haven't flown one or both of them, then it's waste of time, of course. Dirk.
  11. Have to smile .....

    It's just good for a few hours, WF2. Overall all missions are horrendously repetitive, they are all scripted. The only chance will be some sort of dynamic mission randomizers, front moving and statistics add-on tools and scripts, that already have shown very positivie results in IL2, LockOn online war servers, but they are few and only online, so I'm not sure if you understand what I'm talking about. Cheers, Dirk.
  12. Have to smile .....

    I know some of the developers and they agree in general, but they say they have vision for RoF ahead, or smth like that, we'll see. Ming is not a factor for me, and not in RoF. And don't get me wrong, I'm not saying RoF is weak. Cheers, Dirk.
  13. Have to smile .....

    No, don't think so, it's not 'waste of time'. That's how one forms up his opinions and preferences - always in comparison. I posted my impression of RoF in the same thread with 'pixelated ground' on SimHQ, and that's how I found the game: SimHQ RoF review by Dobby Thanks, Dirk.
  14. :) You bark up the wrong tree, it's all Rabu's and Chris's efforts. Thanks, Dirk.
  15. Don't worry, I'll be washed away from here shortly. Sure, I'm also sure most players would as well. But that's me. Thanks, Dirk.

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