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  1. How Cold Is It Where You're From?

    9F here in MN plus snow! :yes:
  2. is there a way to switch the cockpit with an f-15 and can i get the load out on otherplanes??
  3. dose ne one know where to get the talon aircraft?
  4. when slecting single or campaing in the breefing screen when it tells you what your doing like strike or cas. on a strike it says fly to this spot and bomb the runway or hit the oil tanks or fule tanks all you have to do is read the breafing.
  5. http://membres.lycos.fr/militaryaviation/M...hound_pic13.htm heres a nice skin
  6. Looking for something to make?

    wow when did that ever come out in the air force?
  7. yes i have a satiek x52 and i get the same throlte prob but not on my slider or no that i have noticed. if u have to adjust the dead zones just right click on the throltle in the lower right or where the time is.
  8. Heres a test for you Virtual pilots

    a sob F-16 pilot My Results: F-16 Fighting Falcon You are an F-16. You love to flaunt your slick appearance, but aren't afraid to get your hands dirty, either. You can outmaneuver any of your contemporaries, and you possess a technological edge. And above all, you are a true showman.
  9. dose ne1 have a good cockpit for the ac-130?
  10. o but how the blodey do i fire it
  11. k i got that but i try to x-tract and it wont import it
  12. dose it work or is it for the ac-130 or can it be used on other planes and if so how do u fire it???

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