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    Dark side of moon waiting on Major Tom!What the heck can be keeping him?
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    Listening to the rock classics,flying by the seat of my pants,eating good foods,my wife and life in general.


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  1. How does your room looks like?

    Greetings Kobuspoes, I'm posting for WDH (I'm his wife) since Brad or Brady as you all might know him.My name is Lori.WDH is in the hospital again due to continued battle with he's health.He has suffered a mild stroke on Saturday while undergoing treatments.We do look for him to recover because he is stubborn.Although it looks pretty bad now.Not able to be very understanding in his conversation or thoughts. My husband has a hobbyist dream of a room and it contains the following; 1/32 scale die cast of F-104,JU-87 Stuka,2 P-47,2 P-40,UH-1 "HOG" (That's what he calls it,not sure?) and AH-1 Super Cobra hanging from ceiling. 1/25 scale die cast of 1967 Ford Mustang "Bullit" and 1967 Dodge R/T Charger from the movie also.7 Dale Sr. #3 cars and 1 Dale Jarrett?It's the Kermit car. 1/8 scale die cast of 1967 Pontiac GTO,1966 Chevy Nova II and 1968 Chevy Camaro.Both Chevy's painted like Jimmy Johnson's #48 NASCAR. 40 1/144 plastic models of various aircraft! 12 1/72 plastic models of more..you guessed it!AIRCRAFT! 2 1/48 scale plastic models of F-4G and F-5F.This two are he's favorite creations. Cornered computer rollout desk.PS2 with a 31 inch screen,RCA 5.1 DTS and a customized chair (wheelchair) painted to replicate Dale Sr.'s NASCAR. All this on 4 bookshelves,reinforced by metal rods hidden from view.Very old 50th Anniversary Air National Guard poster along with Iron Maiden of 7th son of the 7th son. By the way,he is a neat freak and takes a least 1 hour to keep things dusted.I'll assist him on this until he chases me off. And if I forgotten anything (as like this isn't enough!) i'll be sure to add it later.
  2. Patriots out

    Don't feel bad Dave,I'm a disgruntled Bungles (Bengals) fan.Have been since I was born.Consider them a bunch of thugs!Too bad Buddy Ryan isn't around for a hopeful head coach.That's what my team needs,a good non-passive head coach! Brady
  3. Just for fun F-5G Wild Weasel adapted from F-5F of FastCargo. Skin template by Pappy's F-5F Thailand skin Skin still WIP by WDH (myself) Brady
  4. In my experience,Very true on the F-8 Crusader gun jam.Excellent jet to fly but,cannons need to be handled with kid gloves.Using very short round burst seems to help a lot.I adapted this method of firing any weapons due to force of habit from real world training as a grunt and peace officer.Make you a better "shot" anyhow. Brady

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