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  1. Nice job, thanks. I noticed with LOD viewer hitboxes were all wrong (also Fuselage nodename in data.ini). I've updated the data.ini to improve. File is attached. Feel free to reuse of course. A400M_DATA_updated.INI
  2. F-105B Thunderchief (Stand in)

    There's a typo mistake in the download : Directory is 'Pilot'. It should be 'Pilots'. Due to that there's pilot legs below the aircraft.
  3. Alternatively the wrong cockpit .LOD files can be corrected using a hex editor to rename the alt_digX, alt1_digX, alt2_digX nodes in reverse order. I've done it on my files.
  4. I confirm : I had the same issue (does not start) and disabling Avast solved it. However previous LOD viewer version (0.5.1) worked well even with Avast on.
  5. F4D-1 Skyray ULTIMATE PACK for SF2

    The 'NAV PAC' is not included. Where could we find it ?

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