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  1. BTW, F-4K is RoyalNavy right ? and your missile is RAF. Then you need Exported=TRUE, because for the game, RAF and RoyalNavy are not the same Nation.
  2. I have not those aircraft on my install. But you can post the data.ini of them, I will try.
  3. I have to correct: "RAF" for Nation, but "UK" code for AttachmentType is correct. Sorry for confusing. For your problem, if the couple (aircraft,weapon) works without SpecificStationCode, it will work again if you apply the same SpecificStationCode in both. If not, make sure you have it on the right weapon_station (for example test with a "StationGroup" that has only this one in, and disable the loadout.ini, so that no doubt), or no typo.
  4. For Nation or AttachmentType, yes, UK is not a valid one. But for SpecificStationCode, you can use any characters string you want.
  5. Does it work if you just remove the "IRM_UK" in the aircraft data.ini and the AIM data.ini ?
  6. I just tried on a stock install with F-4E and LGB and my wingman could use successfully GBU-12, on a target that I assigned, not the mission target. I have also tried with the super-etendard mod, atlis +LGB, also ok. What is the problem with the LGB and AI ?
  7. Not needed, we have to way to check without running the game, which is the purpose of your great tool. But if you really want to go back on it , I have more needed suggestions: add pilots and seats (position adjustment) and moreover weapons (same, attachment adjustment) For the last one, for example, it could be according to a 'debug' [LODviewer] section in the loadout.ini !
  8. thank you, but to be honest I am not the "inventor" of this, I have learned it from another modder in a former post, but I do not remember from who and when. So the credits go to the one who discovered this first, I am just repeating here, but I'm happy if it helps. Very probably yes, I confirm I have SF2:NA and I am quite sure it will not work without.
  9. Another solution is to use those files in your [mod folder]\Terrains\VietnamSEA. Then USN will launch from carrier by default. VIETNAMSEA.INI VIETNAMSEA_WATER.BMP
  10. Yes, normal, that is how the game is.
  11. If no business interest any longer, if we could at least get the source released…. Dreaming….
  12. NF-5A_RNLAF_Ver1.0.7z

    Impressive Cockpit model ! More than great work, congratulations !

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