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  1. It is not the vertical speed, I guess it is the airspeed when climbing, and it is in m/s.
  2. Just tested and I confirm ALT+W works (on ground and in-flight), but not ALT+G and ALT+J.
  3. For adjusting attachment position and angles in data.ini, for example, for external stations but also internal (interferences or weapons seen outside of the closed bay). Exactly LODviewer does already read data.ini (hitboxes, collisionpoints, component names and maybe other things I forget).
  4. Pilots and seats would be useful for positionning them and adjusting hitboxes. Following the same idea, also the weapons could be great. In a first step, only one weapon on only one station could be good enough. With one list to define the station, and another one to select the weapon.
  5. It's a "keep it all" campaign. Read the terms and conditions. "If your campaign uses the Keep It All (“KIA”) payment model, you always keep the money you raise. It doesn’t matter how much you raise or how long it takes."
  6. Hello. I have not found any info on this in previous topics and knowledge base. Is this statement in data.ini still valid in SF2 ? What is it for ? I tested with and without (A-10A_78 stock, gear) but did not see an obvious change.
  7. 0.62 fixed both, just checked, and limit texture resolution even not needed. That's great. Thanks.
  8. No the option does not help but yes they are 4k, however, in 0.52 the same with 4k textures is not slow (only loading is longer). Another remark from later use, version 0.6x is case sensitive for node names. If case is not exactly the same in the .LOD and in the data.ini, hitboxes and CollisionPoints will not show up when node is selected.
  9. Super Etendard is modified (HitBoxes + CollisionPoints) There are also some older updates I already had done: fuel tank capacity, tail hook deflection... Super_Etendard_Data.ini
  10. The new version (0.6x) is not compatible with ANSI code (version 0.52 has not the issue). It is probably the combination ANSI + some special characters in the file. Typical problems then: - data file not loaded - numbers.lst : numbers not shown in individual markings dropdown list (detected because of '°' in the text file) - textures.ini : texture not loaded (suspected character is 'é' in 'Aéronavale' ) And for your info, unfortunately still very slow for me also with 0.61. Sometimes it improves after some time after the model is loaded.
  11. I remember I read formerly somewhere in the forum that the gun must always be at 0° in the LOD (hidden in the fuselage then).
  12. And here is mine. My PC does not freeze, but execution is very slow, and with delays on controls. osg_logfile.txt
  13. Mue, this logfile has been generated on a model with slow execution. There are warnings in it. Maybe it helps. osg_logfile.txt
  14. Mue, first a big thank for this wonderful tool. I also have the problem of very slow execution (menus, rotations, any interaction with the program ...), which is better after some time, or if program closed and immediately relaunched. I also had a windows memory error (not enough memory), one time. I also had a data file that could not be loaded (<no data file>), but the file was there (and loaded ok with version 0.5.2). By comparaison with a working file I have found that this was due to the character '°' (complete comment line : "// -60°, 100 meter level") that prevented the load. The data file was in ANSI (again no problem with 0.5.2). Conversion to Unicode also fixed the problem for 0.6.0. Hope this will help.
  15. AN11 in sfp1 section ? Where ? I've not found it.

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