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  1. Nieuport 21

    Fantastic!!! I love unexpected moves like those you use to do. Thanks bro!!!!
  2. Scenarios of Iran's war on the Arabs

    Wow! You should be writing a novel!!!
  3. Actually is Oscar´s barrel!!! i love you more poem
  4. Hey VonS! What do you think on a Fokker DR.1 with F-4 Phantom´s FM? Just kidding...
  5. Lovely! So I assume that will be two versions. A static and a dynamic ones. Am I right??
  6. VonS and a Bleriot XI

    I´m still around as ever. VonS, take your time. At your service!!!
  7. Hey GKABS! Love your traces smoke. Any link for them? Mandatory screen
  8. The new B-57 cockpit can be served as a good basis for a B-47´s office. The structure is quite the same. No gunsight, more engine dials and presto!
  9. Wow! It deserves a dedicated cockpit.
  10. FJ-4 Fury!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Amazing! Looks like a "Bat Tank" in this black texture!!!
  12. What about a Normandie-Niemen skin?
  13. Love everything. The new tarmac is awesome!
  14. Ford FT-B for the Polish-Russian War

    Great addition! One of my fav scenario btw. An important plane for this war is still missing. The Ansaldo Balilla.
  15. Simply terrific!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!
  16. ... is Santa a member here? Starting my wish list anyway!!! https://www.rikoooo.com/pt/downloads/viewdownload/52/869
  17. There's a plan B. In case of he lost the MAXs we can reverse engineer with his bless.
  18. That´s bad... I tried to contact him many times with no luck. I got an new Ar 234B beta from him wich´s require the same amount of work as this A-20.

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