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  1. Simply terrific!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!
  2. ... is Santa a member here? Starting my wish list anyway!!! https://www.rikoooo.com/pt/downloads/viewdownload/52/869
  3. There's a plan B. In case of he lost the MAXs we can reverse engineer with his bless.
  4. That´s bad... I tried to contact him many times with no luck. I got an new Ar 234B beta from him wich´s require the same amount of work as this A-20.
  5. Wow! Looks ok. What's left to finish?
  6. A bad and dirty guy

  7. I´m almost sure that the SFP crew is disbanded. They´re focuses on mobile games.
  8. I have it already. Thanks!!!
  9. Hope to be alive then to put my hands on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The new MiG-17 is pure joy!!!!!!
  10. New Aircraft

    My bad guys! I´m busy these days so I have no time for uploads. If anyone are willing post them, go on. Sorry!
  11. On Cockpit_DATA.INI wright down OpenCockpit=FALSE
  12. Coming soon-ish, update to the PC version of SFMC

    TW definitely is a joke! Windows just going to 11 and they´re still on 7!!!
  13. In its DATA on CoPilot section types: SetCockpitPosition=FALSE
  14. Wrench knows me. I´m a Rivet Counter with a big mouth! I´ll skip that!
  15. Mue, when making a new LodViewer, please consider to add the weapons, pilot and brightness views. Thanks!
  16. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Subelos por favor!!!!!

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