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  1. https://theaviationgeekclub.com/this-aircraft-was-faster-than-the-sr-71-look-closely-its-not-a-blackbird/
  2. We need a new and updated Mossie.
  3. Gents, what is the best F-14? Considering 3D model, FM and cockpit. 1- Thirwire 2- Mirage Factory 3- YAP Cheers!!!
  4. Perhaps they found something new related to Win10 install that we don´t know . If not, WHY????
  5. Will the Helix comes with a dedicated cockpit? The Virtavia's has one.
  6. On gen 2 series the terrain must be placed in a folder called "Terrains", no "Terrain" as for gen 1.
  7. Looks the Hobbits's Shire!!!
  8. Wrench, I can do it for you. My skinning skills are very good although I rarely post anything. I'm retired so time is on my side (this phrase remind me the Stones). It' s up to you.
  9. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Torno, sey que es fuera de topico pero hay alguna chance de lanzar los Fw y Ta 152? Hace como 1 año de espera. Gracias!!
  10. I know and for me it makes no diference. Just a way to be more "kind" or whatever it may be. I don't care.
  11. But John, in the Spanish Forum always refer the Islands as Malvinas please!! You may know...
  12. Some versions has no undernose radome like civilian ones.
  13. If it so, the frame will drop even more.
  14. Hope you include the first russian skin of the page. Awesome!
  15. Soviet-Polish War addon?

    Good luck and take your time.
  16. Swambast, I think we are talking about different things. I agree with you about everything. Don´t take me wrong.
  17. Don' t ask me where I read this but I can assure you I did.

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