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  1. JCWolfs U-Boot 1.2 ...

    With the new GWX 2.0 out JCWolf has completed work on his MOST excellent add-on ... If you're into SH III then do ya-self a favor and GET THIS http://www.subsim.com/radioroom/showthread.php?t=127605
  2. GWX 2.0 is now out ...

    In case some have missed it ... GWX 2.0 for SHIII is now errrrrrrrrr HAS been avalible for those interested ... I didn't see any thing posted here for that so I figured I would chime in http://www.subsim.com/subsim_files/gwx_donation1207.php#free ENJOY
  3. still looking for strike eagle sim

    Edited...check your PMs. Don't worry, you didn't do anything wrong. FastCargo
  4. You Guys Remember this From Last Year?

    And what of the WHITE POWER S.O.B. that created this ... I believe he should be charged with murder and be castrated ...
  5. Thoughts On Barry Bonds Breaking HR Record

    I hope he does it and I agree with what Fates already stated ... Besides ... the steroids might contibute to Bonds size and power BUT he still has to make contact with the pill and steroids isn't gonna do that for him ... and would lifting weights and takin' vitamins back in the day be classified as cheating if a player got bigger and stronger and did something amazing ... I think not . I think the way Hank and MLB are handle'N this whole thing is BS ... I thought Hank would be a bigger man then he's acting now ...he's acting to me like a kid thats about to lose out on the attention and he can't stand it ... what a baby and MLB is acting like they did when Roger Maris got Babes single season HR record ... they're shunning him because of the "RECORD" he's about to over-take ! Screw the astrick ... a record is a record ... GO BONDS !
  6. Ahhhhhhh yes ... I BELIEVE I'll just let'M roll across land ... looks kind ... MYSTIC ;-)
  7. Not tryin' to hi-jack this thread but in WoE when I run a anti-ship mission the ships are cruisein' across country ... never in the water What could cause this ... Thanks ~
  8. Saitek X52 4 sale

    SOLD ~
  9. Roll Call

  10. Looking For A Pic

    You are welcome
  11. Looking For A Pic

    I found this one ...hope it's what cha lookin' for http://www.aero-web.org/database/aircraft/...ge.htm?id=14299 ALSO ....about half way down this page theres a model done up in the same color scheme http://www.commercemarketplace.com/home/Co...helicopter.html
  12. Have you tried column5's web site ... I believe they have a 105-G over there in fact I know they do ... http://www.column5.us/aircraft3.shtml
  13. Wingmen ...

    LMAO ... I hear ya , I'm costantly pressin' the tab key and 1 to attack air and those guys just sortta flutter off somewhere on their own Maybe the next patch willl bring about a fix for it
  14. Wingmen ...

    These guys appear to be absolutely worthless ... Is there a way to make these guys more aggressive ? These guys seem to fly around fire off MAYBE 30 rounds total and get 1 hit and 0 kills and are either shot down or are off joy ridin'. The only way they seem to get any kills at all is when they drop a bomb. ALSO ... can these guys not do any ground straffin' ? Thanks ~

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