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  1. Grab it here: http://www.cfspilots.50megs.com/Sims/SFP/e...entialfiles.htm
  2. "set em to max" please explain .Thank you
  3. Youve been forced to fly IL-2 in Wonder Woman veiw? that is sad :(
  4. Heres how the filter for IL-2 looks incase it helps IL-2 Sturmovik ServerType: OLD RegKey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREUbi SoftGame Service GamesIL2_COOPexec ExeName: IL2.EXE JoinTemplate: {EXEPATH} {address} -name "{NAME}" HostTemplate: {EXEPATH} "{NAME}" -room "{NAME}'s game" Port: 21000 Mutex: SV IRC: irc.dal.net/il2 DALnet IRC: irc.sturmovik.de/sturmovik German 1 if servertype != "OLD" remove 2 if gamename != "il2sturmovik" remove IL-2 SturmovikDogfight Mutex: IL2 1 if gametype != "dogfight" remove IL-2 SturmovikCoop Mutex: IL2 1 if gametype != "coop" remove So it would have to look something like this i guess Strike Fighters ServerType: OLD RegKey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREStrategy FirstStrike FightersMAIN ExeName: FLIGHTSIM.EXE JoinTemplate: {EXEPATH} {address} -name "{NAME}" HostTemplate: {EXEPATH} "{NAME}" -room "{NAME}'s game" Port: 46000 Mutex: SV Icon:IDI_SFP1 1 if servertype != "OLD" remove 2 if gamename != "Strike Fighters" remove Strike FightersDogfight Mutex: SFP1 1 if gametype != "Dogfight" remove Strike FightersCoop Mutex: SFP1 1 if gametype != "Co-op Mission" remove
  5. There is also ASE to consider which works the same whether its registered or not basicly If you feel like figuring out how to add a custom filter to it using this info below please do because Ive tried and i can't I did it for OFPR before support was added and it worked. this is a copy paste job from the ASE forum there was a good SS tutorial on an OFP squads site but that sites down right now Im waiting for the guy who did it to get intouch with me but this is the post he got his info from: Now for the daft part. I made a very crude filter to weed out OFP Resistance servers. Right now the filter shows 18 servers, 13 on tuesday. Does this mean I'm ripe for the funny house or is JK at err? ----- 1 if gamename ~== "opflashr" goto 3 2 remove UPDATE: If I add the following to the filters.txt I get to see all the servers and be able to start from ASE and connect. ----- Operation Flashpoint:Resistance ServerType: OFPR RegKey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARECodemastersFlashpoint ResistanceMAIN ExeName: FlashpointResistance.exe JoinTemplate: {EXEPATH} -connect={ip} -port={port}[ "-password={PASSWORD}"][ "-name={NAME}"] HostTemplate: {EXEPATH} -host[ "-name={NAME}"] Port: 2302 Mutex: SV Icon: IDI_OFP 1 if servertype == "OFPR" keep 2 if servertype != "OLD" remove 3 if gamename != "opflashr" remove Operation Flashpoint:Resistancegame in progress Mutex: OFPGAME 1 if timeleft <= "0" remove Operation Flashpoint:Resistancewaiting for players Mutex: OFPGAME 1 if timeleft != "0" remove oh and ASE is 100% lag free since its set to shut itself down on game launch
  6. It's $10 to register. The free one is only temporary (as in it wont work after awhile) unless I'm reading something wrong.
  7. registation on that board is VERY simple all you need to enter is your user name and e-mail@ and check "dont show my e-mail@" you can leave everything else blank 2 mins later your password is e-mailed to you
  8. Then go add your 2 cents to this thread remember ASE are not obligated to do this and as of right now the only other flight sim they support is IL-2 so chose your words carefully and ask nicely hopefully they will decide to support SFP1 as well http://www.udpsoft.com/forum/topic.cgi?for...um=1&topic=1228
  9. I have to re-review it as well for the SF section at CFS Pilots. Im gonna wait afew days so that I have had time to gather enough info on whats changed exactly etc...
  10. http://forums.ubi.com/messages/message_vie...lounge&id=zyzdb Sickem!
  11. I recently comlpeted a nice addon for use with Deuces Euro terrain.Its a repaint of all the ground vehicles that makes them look apropriate for the Euro landscape rather than the yellow/tan scheme that are default. you can DL it here http://dzeng.ecorp.net
  12. Well this is just the first of afew tutorials I plan to be adding so maybe a header at the bottom of the KB links saying something like "see also" and a direct link to the page would work out better. this is the first web page Iv'e ever been in charge of editing (my own web page is nothing more than storage space for tons of jpegs of skins and things) and I want to do a nice job.Also when I make things in general I like them to be one of a kind. I hope you can understand where Im coming from So basicly I have nothing against you adding direct links to the tutorial pages I create over the next couple weeks to the knoledge base with a breif description of what there clicking.but I'd prefer that people have to actually go to the page and have a look around rather than just grab the tutorials from the KB.That way I wont feel like I'm building my SFP1 section up for no reason.
  13. Ok I finally finished the keymapping guide that I hope will be very helpfull to everyone in the SFP1 community.If you have a friend who just got the game or you see someone asking for help keymapping in one of the forums please be sure to give them this link as I designed the guide with those people in mind.Heres the link http://www.cfspilots.50megs.com/Sims/SFP/k.../keymapping.htm
  14. Yes but dont forget there's way more going on in a game like SOF2 Explosions,muzzle flashes.dismemberments,blood sound effects etc... just flying a plane and shooting an ocasional missle or MG burst doesnt require the amont of procceccsing that all those zupped up high tech eyecandy-filled graphics you see in SOF2 wich again is another example of developers seeing that the Q3 engine is still great and is most importantly OPEN GL Imagine how choppy SOF2 would be if they tried to run in DX in a server with 32 people

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