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  1. other than the gun sight? i guess i missed that memo...
  2. mines fubared and i cant patch the game. can anyone upload the file? or chiefdano@lycos.com
  3. that thing is badass! but, the um, loadout? uh yeah, 36 mk81's?
  4. hmm doesnt show up for me either
  5. heres the skin. gave it a really weathered, beat up, dirty look. b/c most of the ones here at dm are, in fact, weathered, beat, and dirty. will have it uploaded soon
  6. heres an unfinished preview of a 43 ECS c-130 from davis monthan, afb. darkened it to a more grey and added a few things should be finished tonight
  7. ya thanks i dl that, but havent teied it yet ya compass calls were 42. 42 is shut down. now its just 41 and 43. we are getting some HC's in the next few years w/ some '60's. man i wish i was at ramstein. crap load of guys from here are going there. got a few there now i know
  8. good site and thanks for the infio heres the ones i work on, ec-130's
  9. while we are on the subject, is the ac-130 or the ac-47 being moddeled?

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