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  1. Long Range BVR shots with a Tomcat/Phoenix combo never end well for Mig-23's
  2. https://www.cybermodeler.com/index.shtml https://www.milspeccoating.com/Federal-Standard-595-Colors-s/41.htm#products-595 https://trucolorpaint.com/military-aircraft/ https://acrylicosvallejo.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/historical-color-references-guide-for-aircraft-and-afv-series-vallejo-colors.pdf The Subject & Color references tab on the Cybermodeler website is quite informative.
  3. The JASDF somewhere over the Kuriles, looking for interlopers.
  4. Kiev, Minsk, Novorossiysk, Admiral Gorschkov With the 4 Kiev, we start one of the bravery pieces of the Soviet Navy, symbolic of its specificity and its ability to be present on all seas, a good rival of the US Navy. The Kiev, Minsk, Novorossiysk and Admiral Gorshkov, launched in 1972, 75, 78 and 1982, and completed in 1975, 78, 82 and 87 were defined as “guardians” of the Delta-type SNLEs, departing on mission from the bases of the Northern (Arctic) Fleet, guaranteeing the destruction of NATO ASM assets against them in case of conflict. They, like the Moskva, had to operate a number of helicopters, and also use the interceptors and their own powerful weapons to destroy allied patrol boats (Breguet Atlantic Type, Lockheed P3 Orion, or Bae Nimrod). Unlike American aircraft carriers, these Soviet ships are not pure cruisers, nor are they authentic aircraft carriers, but hybrids. Aircraft require, their flight deck is differentiated from the Moskva by being lateral, the superstructure spreading along its length. The entire front of the hull, on the other hand, is that of a cruiser, with a complete panoply to meet all needs: long-range antiswile missiles, medium and short range antiaircraft, torpedo tubes, AA and AM guns, and 3 rocket launchers ASM, with 31 additional devices including 12 Yak and 18/19 Kamov “Hormone”. The latter can deploy light anti-ship missiles and tactical nuclear ASM grenades against ANS. These impressive buildings, however, were handicapped by too low a load of poor quality interceptors. The Yak-38 “Forger” (NATO code), were in the opinion of all the experts, and the Soviets themselves (the pilots among others), the pale copies of the British Harriers, devoid of surface radar, slow, unmanageable, with a very limited load bearing, low range, and controllable nozzle operation controversial: There were probably accidents never officially revealed, but the “Forger” quickly gained a reputation for flying dangerous. In 1991, the two remaining in service were simply scrapped. Their replacements, the Yak-141 “Freehand”, supersonic and with better characteristics were then phase of tests when the Soviet Union knew its budgetary cuts budget. The Yak 141 was never operational and sank into oblivion. The 4 Kiev were still in service in 1992, but both of the Pacific Fleet have been stranded since their respective propeller accidents in 1994 due to lack of funds for repairs, and both of the Northern Fleet suffered a small fate. enviable: In order to keep the Gorshkov in service, we cannibalisa Kiev, docked now, disarmed and serving as a reserve of parts. The Gorshkov is currently the only one active, but often at dockside for lack of funds for its maintenance. When in Kiev, its general state is closer to that of a wreck. The current Russian navy has given priority to Tbilisi. Specifications Displacement: 36 000t, 42 000t FL Dimensions: 275 x 32,7(47,2 PE) x 8,2m Propulsion: 4 propellers, 4 turbines VHP, 140 000 cv. et 32 knots max. Crew: 380 Electronics: Radars 2 Palm Front, Top Sail, Top steer, 2 Head Light, 2 Pop group, 2 Owl Screech, 2 bass Tilt, 1 Trap Door. 1 Sonar de proue, 1 SPV, 8 CME Side Globes, 12 Bell, 4 Rum Tub, 2×2 Lance leurres. Armament: 4×2 SSN14 (24), 2×2 SAN3 72), 2×2 SAN4 (40), 4 x 76 mm (2×2), 8 x30 mm Gatling, 10 x 533 mm TTs (2×5), 1×2 LR SUW1, 2 RBU 6000 (2×12), 12 Yak-38, 19 helicopters ASM Kamov Ka-25B/C “Hormone”.
  5. These may be of some use. Accurate information is (not surprisingly) hard to find on this. Pacific Fleet.docx Russia Military Power Report 2017.pdf
  6. Will this help? Current fleet Major active surface combatants of the Russian Pacific Fleet # Type Name Class Year 011 Cruiser Varyag Slava 1989 543 Destroyer Marshal Shaposhnikov Udaloy I 1985 564 Destroyer Admiral Tributs Udaloy I 1985 572 Destroyer Admiral Vinogradov Udaloy I 1988 548 Destroyer Admiral Panteleyev Udaloy I 1991 715 Destroyer Bystryy Sovremennyy 1989 715 Corvette Sovershennyy Steregushchy 2017 Active Submarines of the Russian Pacific Fleet # Type Name Class Year K-551 SSBN Vladimir Monomakh Borey 2014 K-550 SSBN Aleksandr Nevskiy Borey 2013 K-44 SSBN Ryazan Delta III 1982 K-150 SSGN Tomsk Oscar II 1991 K-456 SSGN Tver Oscar II 1991 K-442 SSGN Chelyabinsk Oscar II 1990 K-132 SSGN Irkutsk Oscar II 1988 K-186 SSGN Omsk Oscar II 1993 K-331 SSN Magadan Akula I 1990 K-419 SSN Kuzbass Akula I 1992 K-391 SSN Bratsk Akula I 1987 K-295 SSN Samara Akula II 1995 B-445 SSK Svyatoy Nikolay Chudotvorets Kilo 1988 B-464 SSK Ust'-Kamchatsk Kilo 1990 B-494 SSK Ust'-Bolsheretsk Kilo 1990 B-187 SSK Komsomolsk-na-Amure Kilo 1991 B-190 SSK Krasnokamensk Kilo 1993 B-345 SSK Mogocha Kilo 1994 https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Pacific_Fleet_(Russia)
  7. I saw this infographic and thought it might be a useful start, but the website it came from has a serious amount of pop-ups aggressively asking for money, so I just copied the graphic. I'll keep looking, as the premise is intriguing, and finding detailed data is (so far) proving to be interesting.
  8. Flipped

  9. And other things navalized..........
  10. Playing with a full deck...
  11. Brush War Follies... Prowling SAAF Mirages necessitated a low and fast run out of the target area... But getting home is always good
  12. I always come back to my Mirages....There's something about this gleaming silver dart that makes it look more like a piece of art, versus a warplane. I think it fits both roles perfectly.
  13. Snowy Norway on the German F-4's South China Sea on the Harriers here
  14. Nana-Nana-Nana-Nana...Batman!!! ......................In Afghanistan.
  15. Canadian CF104 Nuclear bombing role?

    Try this link http://www.tailsthroughtime.com/2015/08/canadas-nuclear-strike-force-1st-air.html
  16. One Of Those Days.......

    Sometimes, discussions around my house can get pretty spirited. My daughter borrowed her mom's Q3 and scratched it. Me (with my dumb a$$) intervened and tried the "mistakes happen" rationale. It went sideways...kinda like this (I'm still in the basement)
  17. Air Strike (Bruce Willis)

    There are plot holes big enough to drive a Leopard A2 through, and at times, the translated dialogue will definitely make you go “whaaaaatttttt?”, others will make you laugh out loud, some will make you call “BULLSHIRT”………………..but then there are the plus points. The special effects are wicked good, and the flying scenes top notch. If nothing else, the movies showcases the impunity with which the Japanese Air Forces were able to lay waste to the Chinese countryside at will, and the absolute lethality with which the Zero ruled the skies. Say what you will, but this movie exemplifies why not many people that hadn’t seen it, didn’t believe the Zero existed. There are some scenes that will leave you open-mouthed in awe for the skill that was put into making and shooting it, and at the same time leave you with a very graphical representation of what a hellish time that was for the Chinese population, and the often impossible measures taken to stay alive. The acting at times is stilted, over the top, and just as you start to wax cynical, a scene will hit you square between the eyes, and just for a second, you live that character’s reality. Having seen it up close & personal in other places (and other times), the hard part for me to watch was the populace in the movie just trying to survive, with the world going up in flames around them. Is it a propaganda film? Yep. Is it nationalistic? Yep. Is it going to win any awards for “best picture?” Nope. Is it good? Yep. It succeeds at being entertaining, thought provoking, visually beautiful (in my opinion), and ultimately better than it will ever be given credit for. If you understand the language, I would hazard a guess that the untranslated version has things in it that are lost in translation. In any version, it’s worth watching. Lastly, I’m sure Bruce Willis spent some time laughing over his lines, but in the final analysis, he didn’t hurt/help the film in one direction or the other. It stands on its own merits.

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