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  1. Thunder Thursday

    Light Thunder...
  2. Two-Seater Tuesdays

    2-seaters thru the decades..
  3. Was in a duel with some AV -8B's, and and 2 tankers flew thru the middle of the mix.......
  4. Will this help? Looking thru some old disc's, and ran across it. M_METAL_RAMP.BMP M_TAXIWAY_METAL_RAMP.BMP Readme.txt
  5. Two-Seater Tuesdays

    My version of a Tweet
  6. Italian Stallions....
  7. I don't recall seeing any for SF2, but I do remember these from a LONG time ago...
  8. Cool. Perversely, I kept hoping the engines would rev as the convoy passed behind .
  9. Good old UK and scenes to challenge ANY country you like..

    You are correct. I've been a great many places, and these scenes rival any of them.
  10. Two-Seater Tuesdays

    Kenyan Hawks...Something told me to load AIM-9's On things that will never happen again....The MiG-29's appeared, and were SO intent on chasing down my wingman, they never looked in my direction 4 miles away and below them. The sidewinders came in handy.
  11. Going out to do some Runway Interdiction This oughta do it...
  12. Shamrock Diaries (For all Chris Rea fans)
  13. Thunder Thursday

    Wild Weasel & Rolling Thunder fame aside, this is the environment the Thud was designed for...... ........and managed to outrun the shock-wave

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