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  1. I held the shift key down too long. That's the game I meant. Thanks. I'll go diggin through that folder. -Mike
  2. I hear the shutter go clicky when I take a screen shot, but I don't know how to find them? any ideas?
  3. Can't stop the porn, but I will look in the sounds folder. Shoulda thought of that one myself, d'oh! Thanks, -Mike
  4. Hey all. this is a minor gripe , but that heavy breathing sound effect when the aircraft is banked hard is really getting on my nerves. My wife thinks I'm watching porn or something. Is there a way to delete this from the game? (actually it almost sounds like an effect from the old Doom games...) -Mike
  5. I just downloaded the Echo model and that thing is beautiful! Awesome work...I have no modding talent at all so I'm very impressed and thank you for sharing this. I do have one thing I wanted to mention. I noticed the Echo sits kind of high on the main landing gear, like they're not compressed enough. I should note that the only way I've flown it is with a light air/air load out so maybe with more weight on it, it sits more normal. Not a big deal, just curious. Thanks again for all the work and for sharing it with the rest of us! --Mike
  6. one more...boys from VFA-81 on their way to ventilate someones hangar
  7. I like how the pilot & B/N are looking at each other like "hey, who put us on 'easy mode?"
  8. That engagement proved that luck is an even bigger factor. The Foxbat slid up behind a jet that was flying straight and level, and apparently had multiple threat warning system malfunctions. Popped off a missile before shagging ass away from the other aircraft who were trying to get him. There was no maneuvering involved, and the Hornet driver likely never knew what hit him. By all accounts, Spike was a helluva stick and likely could have dusted the raghead in a dogfight. But it was a kill either way...and I remember reading where at least one fighter pilot has used the phrase "I'd rather be lucky than good". Of course, I heard that there were other theories that said that Spike's Hornet was shot down by either an F-15 or an F-14 that was attempting to target the Foxbat. I'm not sure anything was ever proven, or released to the public if it was. -Mike
  9. The weapons pack was fine-I used the one for WoE to fix the issue with SFP/Gold. The problem started after I ran weapons editor. I think I did maybe use the wrong version of the weapons editor though...I gotta check that out. -Mike
  10. Guess I'm just stupid, or unlucky. I tried it twice and both times all my weapons disappeared from the game even though they were still in the weapons folder. I copied the weapons folder from another game and got them back though. Thanks, -Mike
  11. I'm doing the same thing with the F/A-18F tanks but not having much luck. I've added the entry in the weaponsdata.ini and transferred the three tank files into the weapons folder as instructed, but what is it I'm supposed to do with the weapons editor? -Mike
  12. I've got another PC running SFP/Gold and copied the weaponsdata.ini from it over to my main PC with the missing weapons-still no luck. Apparently I somehow screwed something else up though I have no idea what or how. Thanks for the help though! -Mike
  13. I just wanted to say that your Super Hornet ROCKS!! One thing, not a complaint 'cos I could never do this myself, but I noticed on the Super Hornet as well as the legacy Hornet that's been out a while, the main landing gear doesn't "droop" while in flight the way it does on the real jet. Is this just too much of a pain to model? It's a small detail, and like I said...I could not have done a better job myself. Just wondering. Thanks for giving us the F! -Mike
  14. I've been playing SF1 for a couple years now and never had to fool with the weapons editor before today. I just d/l'd the F/A-18F from here (niiiice jet BTW!!) and was trying to get the external fuel tanks to show up. The F/A-18F's designers instructions mentioned running weapons editor after changing the weapondata ini, so I did. Now when I run the game, I have no weapons-for any of my aircraft. Everything is still in in the weapons folder and the weaponsdata.ini looks the same (I think). Any advice on how I get my boom back? Thanks in advance. -Mike
  15. Hey guys! After many months, I finally found WoV in podunk-a** Gainesville, Fl... So far I really like it, but it seems that I can only operate off a carrier from the campaign mode. Is there any way to set it up so I can use the carriers for single missions? Thanks for reading! -Mike

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