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  1. No, I mean you put this in the WoE/WoV/P1 forum. Did you honestly expect any different result than that you received? I know this isn't true across the board by any means, but I don't post to the forums of games I don't enjoy. And while there are things in any game I wish were improved or changed, if I think it has serious, fundamental flaws, I won't enjoy it.
  2. I think the place you posed this question has greatly influenced the result.
  3. Yes. Multiplayer would be s**t if it was just F-4s versus other F-4s (for example). And with different variants you can show how each side adapted and improved their design to stay ahead of the other.
  4. OK, I just found another minor issue, which affects my FM testing somewhat. The airspeed/machmeter combo guage doesn't appear to be calibrated correctly. I've looked high and low for a tutorial or guidance on how to work gauges, but it doesn't seem like any is out there. Any help?
  5. No joy, just the campaign which specifically states I need the terrain. Man, what I would give for a few "all-in-one" campaign downloads and a mod manager like JGSME.
  6. I tried to use the mod, but it won't work without the Korea terrain and I can't find the terrain at column5, Combatace or Checksix.
  7. Speaking as someone who had to actually deal with the Tomcat's *ahem* idiosyncrasies ("Lost the radar, but we still have IFF!") on a somewhat regular basis, I'd pick the Hornet every day of the week and twice on Sunday. And going into the merge, quite a few Tomcat drivers would say the same thing, especially the ones pushing -As.
  8. ROCK! That was exactly what I was looking for. I just got in a few MiG-29 books after scouring all over for something resembling a performance mark. And I FOUND ONE! I've already started testing and revising the data.ini. Which was the reason for my other thread. At sea level, everything is pretty much smack-on. I'm doing the high-altitude testing now. BTW, could a mod combine these two topics? They are pretty much regarding the same thing.
  9. Well, I added in a different pit as well, an original one and something I didn't do.
  10. The question I have is regarding modifying 3rd party aircraft. I've been playing around the MiG-29A Fulcrum-C created by wpnsgt and modified further by Typhoid. I managed to tweak (with a helluva lot of help from other posters) a few things I think are unrealistic with the aircraft and I was wondering if it was considered alright if I tried to get the original author to update their uploads with the fixes? Or should I just go out and make my own MiG-29?
  11. I can't think of many worse of going than those associated with a boiler accident. My condolences. It probably won't win me any friends, but stuff like that happens to just about every ship over the course of it's service. That isn't to say there aren't ships that I consider really unlucky, just that two incidences in about twenty odd years of sailing isn't unusual. I know of two legitimately unlucky/piece of s**t ships and both are currently acting as fish sancturaries. As for why it would happen so soon in Indian service... well, the US Navy decommissioned ships for a reason and the engineering plant is usually it. You can do all the overhauls and tearouts and upgrades you want, but bottom line is that the plant is old and old plants aren't safe. You could consider the engineering plant of a ship to be like an airframe. It just doesn't get any younger.

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