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    Unlucky and good luck with finding a suitable replacement. Hopefully you'll have better luck than I had. The same thing happened to me just before Christmas. Which motherboard are you using because I had an '07 ASUS mainboard that I had to replace because it didn't support PCI-E 2.0. What was supposed to be an inexpensive replacement turned into a costly rebuild that put my machine out of action for 2 months! PS. That link is great, I must remember that next time something goes wrong...
  2. Thanks for all the responses. Due to real-life cashflow issues, I've decided not to buy them for the time being. I like the prospect of sharper graphics and a higher poly count, but I'll probably need to build a new computer or upgrade my existing machine first. From what MigBuster's said, has the A-1 Skyraider been released as an official aircraft?
  3. Are there any major differences between SFP2 Vietnam and WOV and similarly SFP2 Europe and WOE? Apart from the obvious Vista compatability, is there anything significant in terms of graphics/flight models etc. According to thirdwire, they've added different variants of some of the aircraft, so there are now more versions of the F-8 and A-7 for example, but do they actually handle differently? I'm trying to justify buying and downloading the new 2nd generation sims, since I'm running XP and already own all the others and I don't want to buy the new ones to discover that they're just the same as what I already have.
  4. Personal Message SPAM

    It's in the news section. It appears someone or something (I presume a spambot) registered with CA a day or so ago and then proceeded to spam around 2000 users with this message. Suffice to say this user has now been banned. According to the news thread, the forums have now been patched so that it won't happen again.
  5. Rudder pedals

    Thanks. I'll probably order them tomorrow.
  6. Rudder pedals

    My current setup is an ancient Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro I bought in 2001! I did buy a Logitech Wingman Extreme 3D Pro to replace it a while back, but I am having calibration issues with it (this seems to be a known issue) so it is not in use. My computer desk is small, so I can't use a HOTAS setup such as the X52. I am seriously considering ditching the Logitech and getting a Saitek stick to go with the pedals. I'll still keep the Sidewinder in a cupboard somewhere as a backup because it is a very good stick, it's just that it is starting to wear out! I know it's only a basic setup, but it's only because I don't have enough room for anything else. I have checked the dimensions and the pedals will fit where I want them! I'm erring towards the Saitek pedals at the moment because I have had experience with Saitek products and they are usually very good. As to whether the games support rudder pedals, do SFP1, WOV or WOE support rudder pedals? I do have other sims that support rudder input but I do mainly fly on the SFP1 series.
  7. Rudder pedals

    I am interested in obtaining a set of rudder pedals for my control setup. Before I actually buy a set, are they actually worth buying and can anyone recommend a set? I do have several different flight sims, so I would use them fairly regularly.
  8. At what point does it crash? Is it before the main menu or after?
  9. The latest weapons pack is avaible in the downloads section of this site. I too have had problems with modern aircraft such as the F/A-18 and the F16C. In WOE the AMRAAMs won't work at all with some aircraft but in Strike Fighters they do. Check the data.ini file for the aircraft concerned. Under the weapons stations heading, check that the pylons have SAHM (for Sparrows) and AHM (for AMRAAMs).
  10. What website address is this at. I can't seem to find it!
  11. I believe that you can run certain SFP1 campaigns in WOV/WOE, if you import the desert terrain from SFP1. Some mods however, just won't run properly and require SFP1. Either way, you need SFP1.
  12. The carrier works fine except for one problem, it has no textures. It is white all over. What do I need to do in order to fix this? I have already imported the USS Kitty Hawk from WOV and that works fine in the Burning Sands campaign. I have tried using the Kitty Hawk for the Korean War mod and that model works properly.
  13. Everything works fine, except for the F/A-18 Hornet. When I put AHM into the allowed weapons class, I am suddenly able to load AIM-54 Phoenix missiles, but not AMRAAMs. I'm not too bothered really, because every other aircraft works fine and I don't wan't to have to reinstall the whole lot again.
  14. Problem solved, at last! I'm not quite sure what the problem was and I don't think I ever will be. It turned out that after making a clean install of WOE, then adding aircraft and finally adding the weapons pack, whatever got corrupted was put right. I also opened up each AMRAAM variant and the weapons editor and pressed save, exactly what the article in the knowledge base says. The AMRAAMs now appear in the loadout screen and work! The thread below is the knowledge base article I'm referring to. http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=9323
  15. The fresh install is working fine so far. The weapons don't work yet but then I haven't installed them.

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