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  1. It apparently still does not work, so now I'm curious. What does remapping the model require?
  2. Are you saying that I should use this plane, or that there's something I can do that would allow the Su-37 to use this Su-27's color mapping?
  3. I've been working on a skin for the Su-37 Terminator based off of a design from Project Wingman. The skin file, Terminator.bmp, appears to have both sides for the wings, but, when I just put the stars on one side, the part of them that is on the wing ends up mirroring over to the other wing, instead of just staying the way it is in the .bmp file like I want it to. Is there any way I can disable the mirroring so that it won't put the stars on the left wing as well? (I am referring to the top sides of the wings of course)
  4. ACE7 SOL Squadron Skin for Su-30SM by frtn(SOL1 inclued)

    Could you share what cockpit and other .inis such as Avionics that you used for this?
  5. As a big fan of the Z.O.E. aircraft and the AC series over all, I can't wait for this pack to be finished!
  6. Could anybody help me find it's location and add nations to it? I've been trying to use the F/A-18E Grun Team skin, but I can't figure out how to add it correctly. I think Nations.ini is in MissionData001.cat, you do open it with Notepad right? If anyone could help me with this it would be awesome!

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