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  1. Soko G2 Galeb

    Bravo! Greetings from Rijeka!
  2. It is for F-104 but works with F-100
  3. I think that MiG-25 is too important for soviets to export him in that little/medium size country like Paran. Maybe just 2-4 examples of MIG-25R like in Egypt or Syria.. Su-17/20 like fighter/bomber is good choice and I like it idea with G.91 bought from Portugal :-) (but maybe for Dhimar or Dohar..). It will be interesting to see Su-17/20 in fighter role. Or for example mission with flight or two of MiG-21 or MiG-23 in foward CAP, Su-7 or -17/20 in strike and MiG-19 in close air defence of Su-7/17/20.. Can you try with smaller noumbers of units? When I compose my campaigns I decrease number of all air units. It's more realistic I think.
  4. The Wars were teriblle like any other wars. I am from Croatia, the part of ex Yugoslavia, and I known from the first hand..
  5. I didn't add Weapon pack. I just added 3D objects for S-24. Objects were from Bunyap WP 03.07.2006. It is obvious (or likely) that SF2 have S-24 in the weapondata (i didnt search for it) but they don't have S-24 3D model for this rocket! And you have only blank pylons.. Than I added just 4 files S24 from Bunyap WP (Objects folder) not the all WP. And I now have this on the plane pylons: -S-24 rockets (green ones) -FAB 500 -tanks Proof:
  6. When I first added Su-20 in the C:\Documents and Settings\"name"\My Documents\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2\Objects\Aircraft I have a flyable Su-20 and in the loadout screen I have for my strike choice: S-24 rocket and 500 kg. bombs. But when I started mission I didn't get 3 dimension S-24 (just blank pylon ..) Than I add S-24 from Weaponspack 2.52 but the S-24 has the wrong path (S24 not S-24) in .cat files and S-24 didn't show. Than I get a trial with Bunyap's files from Weapons pack 03.07.2006: S24 image, S24 configuraton settings and S24_LOD002.LOD and S24.LOD and finaly all works fine! Filles were added in the C:\Documents and Settings\"name"\My Documents\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2\Objects I have S-20 with 3D model S-24 rockets ready to go!
  7. He has some similarities.. G4 Super Galeb is more similar to British Hawk

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