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  1. The Legendary Generations Mod v2.0

  2. The Legendary Generations 2.3 is LIVE!

    No worries man, we completely understand. It's a HUGE file, so don't worry about rushing. We can use our link as long as we have to. Hope you enjoy it! I know we're all pretty proud of it.
  3. The Legendary Generations, verion 2.3 is FINALLY here! This is an all-in-one download, which means that you need to only install Legacy, patch it, and then download this file and install it, and you're done. This is a HUGE release! It includes a fully-functional Cardassian and Jem'Hadar race, numerous balance tweaks, new sounds, new effects, new ships, etc. This release is also the first release to include what we call the "Official TLG balance". That is, the ships are now what we consider as canon as they can be, and the current balance is what we plan to keep. So, start developing strategies, because things from here on out will stay balanced to the current setup. Following is a list of just some of the new things in this release: <> The Cardassian race <> The Jem'Hadar race (Both found in the TNG era, under "Era Specific Races") <> Both of those races are fully MP-playable <> MANY new Maps, most of which are very large <> New Sound effects for the quantum torpedo <> Improved textures on several ships <> GREATLY improved gameplay and balance <> Wolf 359 ships, such as the New Orleans, Springfield, etc <> Complete statistics for each ship, allowing you to really chose which ships fit your combat style <> Fully-functioning tractor beams! Tractor friendly or enemy ships, if their engines are out. Next, some screenshots: And finally, here's the link: [[CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD TLG 2.3]] You can visit our forums HERE, if you wish to comment, discuss, or otherwise contribute to our mod. Thank you very much! :D
  4. TLG 2.3 Preview

    Just wanted to let you know that we're getting closer to a release all the time. We just put together an internal pack for our own testing purposes, so we'll be sure that 2.3 is bug-free, and of the best quality. I've been working on my map-making skills, with excellent results. I've made another new map, modelled after the Kolarin system from Nemesis. (That's the place where they found "B4".) And here's a shot from the internal testing pack: I call it "A Warrior's prize" :D
  5. TLG 2.2 screenshots

    Ahhhh, the D7, a true warrior's vessel. Piloted during the glory days of the Empire... Excellent screenshots!
  6. TLG 2.2 Info

    I'm especially proud of the tractor beams, because as far as I know, our mod is the first one ot use tractor beams correctly. That is, you can now tractor only ships that have had their engines knocked out. So hopefully, that will add another layer of tactics to the game.
  7. Roll Call

    Roll call is illogical.
  8. LOMAC patch 1.0-1.2

    That confused me too. I thought I had forgotten how to use the missiles or something. Took me forever to figure it out. Guess that's what I get for being a newbie trying to play a realistic fighter sim. :P
  9. Terrain in FBP?

    Ahh, that's MUCH better. Thanks! :D
  10. I just recently got a copy of LOMAC, and started fooling around with it. In short, I still suck at it so far, but I can kill an AI plane once in a while, and it's fun to fly jets for a change, instead of WWII fighters. (I also play CFS III once in a while) But I have one question about the Fast Battle Planner: Is there a way to fight around mountains instead of just flat coastline? I just think it'd be cool to have more terrain, for whatever that's worth.
  11. What's wrong with this video...?

    I'm guessing this explanation is the correct one? "They are using jet turbines. This is a stunt used at air shows " All the other comments on that video seem to think that the RPM of the blades could be exactly the same as the FPM of the recording device, which just sounnd ridiculous. Still, that does look pretty cool!
  12. A simple aircraft question from a newbie

    Yup, I think that's it. Thanks! I've been wondering about that for weeks.
  13. Greetings! I joined these forums recently for the Star Trek Legacy section, but I've always had an interest in aviation, and I play a few flight sim, and combat flight sim games. Anyway, I have a question for all you aviation buffs: We (My wife and I) live just a couple miles from an airport, and one of the planes that is kept there is a small single engine propeller-driven plane. It's maybe a 4-5 person plane, maybe just a two-seater, I can't really tell, anyway, it's small. It's got the wings mounted under the fusalage, isntead of above. But the odd thing is the tail section. Instead of a "normal" horizontal-vertical setup, it's just got a pair of slanted "fins", for lack of a better word. That is, instead of the elevators and rudders, it appears to just have two rudders, slanted at maybe 15-20 degrees to each side. So, viewed from the aft, it looks like a V, instead of _|_ I'm just curious at to what kind of plane that is, and what the advantages are of that configuration. Also, how does the plane climb? Just turn the "rudders" in toward each other, creating a "cup" at the tail? If any of that makes sense (Please excuse my lack of technical knowledge.) can anyone answer my questions?
  14. New TLG Multiplayer Section

    Cool! My Vorchas always need another target to burn. Finally got to play a TNG match against Ilithi today, and man it was awesome! And when a D'Deridex Type C decloaks above you, it's a fearsome thing.
  15. New TLG Multiplayer Section

    Yup, I got my butt kicked twice by Accurus and Ilithi. :P (Well, once they "accidentally" put themselves on the same team, so that doesn't really count. :P ) It is really fun though. And we've got a little patch in the works that will smooth out MP, and tweak some balance issues we discovered. Then my mighty Klingon fleet will avenge itself on its enemies!

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