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  1. I haven't tried HL since before the patch. It always worked for me though! Don't understand everyones complaints, guess I'm lucky. Only problem I had was rarely anyone in there to shoot me down :shock: .............like they do every weekend in IL2.
  2. Figured out my ctd .......it was self inflicted.
  3. Since patch I can't enter Campaign mode get instant ctd. Everything else works fine. Was able to fly campaign before patch. Uninstalled everything before adding patch. Dell 1.2 Powerleaped Celery 512 RAM GeForce2Pro 32
  4. I have what look like...well tiles, of large areas around towns that still look like the old terrain. They look as if someone opened a giant cardboard box. Did I not copy over one file into Deuces or something?
  5. I didn't use the Uninstall from the patch but rather the Unistall in the original SFP1 folder but apparently the same outcome. Everything works fine though. Mostly your skins by the way great stuff. Thanks.
  6. Am I seeing things? I uninstalled SFP1 using the SFP1 Uninstall utility, reboot, reinstall and added the Patch everything went very smooth. I then went to add the backed up skins back. They where already in the new install? The only thing I had to reinstall where the missing INI files? Did the old uninstall utility leave quite a bit behind? Running XP sp1.
  7. Using an older Wingman Force (the big weird shaped one). Runs fine on XP with reinstall of SFP1 and patch. Every button assignment is held with no problems so far. Only change has been the camera views using the hat used to match snap views in cockpit. Now I have to use the default Alt+left,right up,down. Patch is big improvement.

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