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  1. Well, not so strange I think. Just the utter sh*t and madness of warfare... in a different spotlight. Good find!
  2. Learn your callsign

    Twisted Gator signing in!
  3. Well... bye bye SF, hello vintage toy!!! [starts web search!]
  4. Viggen vs Flagon

    Wish there was a Viggen ingame... I would love to shoot it down in my Flagon!
  5. Hey hey... I dunno what happened and when/how exactly it happened... but I started my SF2 game recently and I noticed that a lot of the HUD thingies disappeared! For example from the A-4, F-4 and F-8... I bet it's also gone from other stock aircraft. But I dunno where to find the solution to this, so... any help is welcome! Help! Hilfe! Aiuto! Au secours! Musaeada! Pomoci! Pomogite! Hjaelp! Voitheia! Ayuda! Segítség! Cabhrú! Tasukete! Pomoc! Ajuda! Imdat! Hjälp!
  6. Rivet counter... But a good one I didn't know until now, thanks! ;-) That did the trick, thank you!!!
  7. I know this is wrong...

    I love Psy.... I love Gangnam Style... There... I said it! ;-)
  8. CF-105

    Hey, Is it a complete tweak of the aircraft, or "just" the new skins? Cheers

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