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  1. A lot of opportunities in this map for sure!
  2. Beirut in the last Screenshot, Rafik Hariri Intl BEY/OLBA
  3. German Air Force Tornados

    Thnaks Florian, only available PA-200 in the modern sim world.
  4. Algerian Su-7 skin

  5. J-34 Hunter

    Thanks knug for uploading this, however I cannot find the "Hunter9*.shd" in the objects CAT file. Any suggestions? Kind Regards
  6. North Cape Terrain

    Thanks for making this, been waiting since early SFP1 fly at home in Scandinavia with the SAAB manufactured birds:)
  7. J-35 Draken pack (A,B,BS,D,FS,J,OE,F.35)

    Thanks for compiling this pack, greatly appreciated
  8. Yom Kippur War 2010

    Great thanks, The red side will have to be flown from the single mission side until the RED Campagin comes:) Thanks once again for posting

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