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  1. CZ-SK Projects

    Tak to je naprostá paráda! Model je fakt parádní a letový model taky, vůbec jsem nečekal, že ve WOV/WOE bude možné udělat takhle pěkný flightmodel...klobouk dolů všem zúčastněným! Jinak ahoj všem, s WOV/WOE lítám už nějaký ten pátek, ale patřím mezi ty mlčenlivější uživatele, takže tady ani na SimHQ jsem se nějak výrazněji neprojevoval. To že tohle píšu je důkazem toho jak moc mě ta Mi osmička ohromila
  2. Totally awesome! Can't wait...
  3. Roll Call

    Took me some time to figure this one out. So... Yarr!

    Dlink was working on it, but IIRC USAFMTL somewhere wrote that Dlink had abandoded it because of some real life stuff. You might also try to read through Voodoo progress thread on simHQ.
  5. I was just looking what's new here after the weekend and suddenly BAM Albatros was released! What a pleasant surprise! Thank you very very much saint aj! (imho a good opportunity to try out those font sizes)
  6. You have said it yourself- ''This is an "ultimate" tweak of .ini fileset for entire "Flogger" series'' and you are damn right, these FM updates totally rock! Thanks for your work Nele!
  7. Mig-23 is primarily a fighter, Mig-27 is It's modification for groundpounding (has some armor, better gun, differnet engine etc.)
  8. Not able to Download Files, but always was able.

    I just don't get it too... ...w00t 1st post....

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