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  1. New BSG "game"

    thanks that one works
  2. Star Trek Movie Trailer number 2.

    what the hell have they done to an iconic show the movie better be good or the trek fans will start a war
  3. New BSG "game"

    link dont work 404 error
  4. Crysis anyone?

    this is what it will take to play this game better phone your bank manager
  5. email hacked

    hi need some help need to change my email as the one i have here got hacked i now have a new one so if admin could help that would be cool i had a look in my controls but dont see a change email bit thanks
  6. dose anyone know

    thanks BUFF
  7. dose anyone know

    where i can get traker IR from in the uk or usa iv done a google search but come up blank any help thanks
  8. did i miss sumit

    ah right thanks for that i thought some one was trying to rip people off thanks again for clearing that up for me
  9. did i miss sumit

    i thought this was going to be a free game i have found sites charging for this game so did i miss sumit
  10. Review of Saitek's new yoke & quadrant

    found them today on ebay not cheap mined heres the link saitek pro flight yoke
  11. Is there a BSG sim?

    i could not get the demo to work but that could be this pc its a heap
  12. Who is Looking Forward to Transformers?

    ill wait for the dvd i had the toys as a kid the new movie looks good
  13. Is there a BSG sim?

    there are some vid's on youtube of this game just put Beyond the Red Line into google vid looks realy good
  14. Is there a BSG sim?

    it looks to be a good sim i would play it i lke sci fi games. I will be giveing the demo ago as soon as the new pc is built any one played the demo ???
  15. The Newbies List Of Forum Acronyms

    ok here is one for you PMSL = p***ing myself Laughing

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