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  1. I'm drowning here people

    I've been running OFF on Windows 7 for years with no problem at all. The issue with multimonitors I encountered last night for myself (I onloy have a dual monitor rig, but soon will be adding a third) and I am thinking that I will be able to get it to work properly as I already do in DCS-A10 and Black Shark 2 using the powerful tool "SoftTH". It should allow you to configure the monitors however you wish and is pretty easy to use. Do a search either here or over on SimHQ on SoftTH for dozens upon dozens of threads on its use. Although they may refer to a different sim using it, the fundamentals of it will be the same regardless if its A-10 or OFF you are playing. Good luck! p.s. Once I get it working on my end, I will post any tips and tricks I may come up with. Madmatt
  2. This forum is overflowing with WWI aviation experts that can give far more fact based answers than I, but as I understand it, the vast majority of the planes modeled in OFF would have had any and all trim done prior to flight by the rigging team. Most had no pilot controlled trim functions. The Auto-Trim in the game, is a left over feature from CFS-3 and is in reality an "auto-level" function and is for keeping your wings level during flight. It is a pure gaming function (i.e. game aid), and not something that those planes ever had. As stated in the FAQ, use of it should be deactivated prior to engaging Warp otherwise you risk the "uncontrollable lawn dirt plummet to earth" effect upon exiting it. :) Happy flying! Madmatt
  3. Zeppelin

    I believe I also packed it up (and the Missions for it) in my Madmatt's Essential Multiplayer Files Mod that should still be available on CombatAce's dload section. Yup, here it is: http://combatace.com/files/file/9131-madmatts-over-flanders-fields-essential-multiplayer-files-autoinstaller/
  4. HPW's FM werks

    Ah yes, hope does spring eternal now doesn't it? Here's hoping that when OFF-2 is released, it won't need an extra manual to figure out the various nuances of multiplayer. The HOST MISSION function shown on the QC panel in the OFF 2 preview movie makes me hope that is just the tip of the iceburg! Madmatt
  5. HPW's FM werks

    Yup, A penny! The vet let me have it (moments after handing me the bill) so i'll take a pic of it to share. You can see where his stomach acid began to eat away at the surface of the coin. The good news is, he has recovered very well. He has also resumed chewing on nearly everything in sight so I have to keep an eye on him. As to a Wright Pat trip, that might have to wait a couple of weeks as I am in the middle of full kitchen remodel and that's got me pretty busy (and covered in plaster dust) most weekends. On the topic of how to package your FM's, I was thinking of maybe offering it up as both individual mods as well as a "all inclusive" version, either type installable via JSGME. That would allow people to select whatever individual plane they would want to install and play with as well as a simple "single mod" version which had them all in it. You know, I could probably build you a dedicated installer this weekend if you want which would do that and more. It's been awhile since I stretched my installer coding muscles but I am sure I could whip up something decent in a few hours. PM me if you want to discuss. Madmatt
  6. HPW's FM werks

    Heya Prop! I've been wanting to head up to Wright-Pat soon as the weather gets more stable. This weekend would be ideal but I have to go to Lexington KY for a bit. Maybe next week? As to me, after nearly a decade with BFC, I left somewhat quietly back in the fall of 2009 and took a job running a global team of technical engineers with a company servicing the broadcast industry (TV stations). It's a far cry from what I used to do in the gaming biz, but it was time to make a change and I love to get to travel all around the world and the opportunity to work with some really cutting edge technologies. It's also nice to be out of the 'trenches' and get to focus on all sorts of management/executive level things. Still, the video game bug is still there and I don't think I will stay away from the industry forever. Besides, all modesty aside, I was too damn good at what I did to stay away forever. I have nothing but best wishes to bestow upon my former mates at Battlefront but I think I might like to give it another go myself some day in the future. ;) Concerning the Reds, I will catch a game or two each season but I can't really count myself as much of an active fan. Ah yes, my froggy kitten... That ball of cuteness is not mine (sadly) but an image I found on the net years ago. Funny you should mention cats though, as one of my own lil kitties decided that it would be fun to eat a penny. What wasn't so fun is what it did to his small intestines when it got lodged in there after his stomach acid began to eat away at the coin and seep deadly zinc into his body. Thankfully, an emergency surgery and 1400 bucks later! (YEAH! FOURTEEN HUNDRED DAMN DOLLARS!!!) he is all better and now the wearer of an adorable plastic collar of shame (cuz he keeps trying to eat his sutures!). His name is Max, and he often likes to sit in my lap as I take to the virtual skies, so I couldn't abandon my furry feline co-pilot now could I?
  7. Years ago I took a stab at decrypting much of the data that is in those files, but beyond a few easy to edit areas where you could resurrect a dead pilot, change squadron/plane assignments as well a few other things, I was never really able to get my head around some of the other attributes of the data shown. Honestly, the main change I would make was to change the line that said (IIRC) "Deceased", back to "In Service", which would bring my recently expired pilot back to life. Madmatt
  8. HPW's FM werks

    Ohhh, comeon now Prop! You know there can only ever be one Madmatt! It is true, I am he and he is me. Good to be back and see so many old (and somewhat haggard!) faces again. I apologize for having been away for so long. Lot's of things occurred since late 2009 which pulled me away from the virtual cockpit. You know, that jealous wench of a bride called real life. But since late last year I have been actively playing OFF again with vigor and checking in here daily to see what everyone has been up to. That preview movie for OFF 2 posted in December has blown me away and really rekindled my passion for the events of WW1. So much so that I went out and added to my WW1 book and video collection a bit. I will post about that in a new thread once I get back home today. I really hope the MP aspects get a nice new coat of paint as I fondly recall some great times with my airmates online in the days right before HiTR came out. I still fly the skies occasionally over on the *other side* in ROF from time to time, but it's not quite the same and I do miss it. I am guessing the MP for OFF has sorta dried up as of late? Anyway, don't mean to sidetrack your thread here Prop. The new DR1 FM is a lot of fun to try out so I would encourage anyone that enjoys that three winged hellion to give it a go. You just might like it! :) Madmatt
  9. HPW's FM werks

    Hello HPW, I've been in lurk mode for a while now but have been playing OFF with great vigor the past few months (I guess I caught the WW1 airwar bug again after having been away for well over a year) and I installed your DR1 FM last week and gave it some serious stick time. So far, I really like the flat turn implementation that you have modeled. As you said, it's far more responsive slipping to the right than left, which would seem to be in keeping with the effects of the radial engine. I need to start up a new DR1 campaign and really test it out, but so far in QC, I like it. Don't mean to hijack your thread but I just wanted to say hi to some of my old multiplayer comrades; stumpjumper, axgrinder and sitting_duck and the rest that I spent some time flying the friendly and not so friendly skies with a few years ago! Howdy guys, been a long time! I can't wait to get my hands on OFF2 and see what other changes in both DM and FM are in store. Is it just me or does anyone keep watching that preview movie while murmuring o themselves, "Sooooon, please God make it sooooon!" :) HPW, once I get some more time with your FM I will be sure and post more comments, but so far I gotta say I really like what you have done! Take care all! Madmatt
  10. Yup, and since I was the first person to test MP with Win7 and encounter this problem (months and months ago) I guess it's now appropriate for me to pop in and say that the *fix* seems to be working for me as well! Great news! I just wish I had more time to get back into the unfriendly skies with you all. So how is MP these days? Looks like we got a few weekly sessions ongoing. Madmatt
  11. Ah yeah, I should have mentioned that I was talking about the new "campaign air start" feature that was added in the latest patch. Sorry for the confusion there. Anyway, its a nice feature to have although, like many here, I prefer to go ahead and take-off manually for most missions like before. I did just do a Airfield Defense mission and opting for an Air Start did place me and my jasta mates right into the heat of action, so that was cool! By the way, I REALLY like the new Damage Model as well. While I never had a problem seeing damage on my own plane (more so than I would have preferred), I definitely notice an increase in visible damage now more in line with what one would expect. Seems the basic bullet damage *decals* appear more often now so you can ID damage to your own craft (and others) easier than before. Very impressive! Madmatt p.s. Thanks HPW, when I get back from vacation (going to the Caribbean!) I will have a look at that sound and see what I can whip up for everyone.
  12. Aha I found it. Its on the Briefing screen for the mission itself. Cool. By the way, I do have one extremely teeny weeny nit to pick that has gotten under my crawl since day one. It's the sound of the briefing room. First off, my highly attuned audio-engineer ears seem to pick up some female voices in the background and if I am not mistaken, the sound itself seems to be one of people eating. Not really a wartime pilot briefing room. I know I know, its minor but it does kinda bug me. You know, I could probably come up with a good replacement (I have done the vast majority of sound effects in all of the games my company has published the past 9 years) which sounds like a bunch of men, packed into a smokey room with chairs scratching on the floor with coughing and hushed, expectant tones easily enough... All I would need to know is the filename to replace and i could give modding that sound fx a try.... Madmatt
  13. Okay, I am usually pretty good at figuring this type of stuff out but I can't seem to locate the option to enable Air Starts for my Campaign Pilots. Can anyone tell me where I am failing to look or is this just referring to how when you play the new Quick Scenarios, you start in the air? By the way, so far I LOVE all the new enhancements to the game and interface. VERY WELL DONE! I especially like the new "never die" option for the Quick Combat and I am really impressed with the new Quick Scenario offerings. Although in one of the Neuport missions my wingman immediately wrecked into the back of my plane as soon as the mission began. I will try and replicate this and see if it's an issue with default starting positions or not. Madmatt
  14. Just great! I am about to leave on my first vacation in over 6 years and you guys go and release this! ;) I guess now I have a reason to come back from the Caribbean! See you guys in a week and half and enjoy the game while I am gone! Madmatt
  15. Very impressive list of new goodies indeed. I hate to hijack a thread with questions though, but has there been any developments on the MP issues that have been reported, such as certain planes being unflyable in missions (Sop Tripe 2gun, Nieuport w/ Lewis, Sop. Strut)? Also, can you give a bit more info on this new Damage Model? Where does it stand in relation to the existing 'normal' and hardcore models or, if possible in comparison to the newer fan created ones floating around? Thanks for any info you can provide! Madmatt

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