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  1. Hmmm! You'll need to get the model into Gmax, the only exporter to OFF/CFS3 works with that. The only route I know of for that is to export a .3ds file which Gmax can import directly. Limitations are the old 8.3 file names for texture files and I don't know if animations are preserved. If you had access to 3ds Max you could export to .fbx to get the model into Max, then the BFF script will export the model to Gmax. After that the CFS3 sdk is needed to set the imported model up for OFF. I'm told you'll find Gmax quite different to Blender, but I've never used Blender and don't know myself. Good luck!
  2. Tidy model! I especially like the undercurved wings. One thing about the prop - the retaining disk was recessed into the prop boss and had 8 bolts and nuts holding the prop on. See this from Vintage Aviator for the mounting, and this of a BE2c showing the disk in place - the same mount was apparently used up to the BE2f. Do you intend getting the model into the sim, or is it for other purposes?
  3. There's at least one plugin for Gimp that supports .dds files DDS plugin for Gimp
  4. It does now - there's been an update from nVidia. I have Photoshop CS2 running happily on Win7 64-bit with the plugin and there's a 64-bit version also available.
  5. Skinning Etiquette

    Agreed. If I use someone else's work as a starting point, or borrow from someone's work to make mine, due credit must be given. It's only right - and it's good manners. When I finish my current project, the credits are liable to be very lengthy!
  6. I'm wondering why Pick is on in each of your screenshots. Pick is used to select a material already in use directly from the model. To apply a material to an object in gmax, get the material set up in the Material Editor and with the correct object already selected, click Apply. Then you can get the mapping sorted out. I also think you're being a little unfair to gmax. Modelling in one package, exporting to another and exporting from that to gmax? I'd be happy to get usable mesh from such a process. You should try getting a textured, animated gmax model into anything else - including its big brother 3ds Max! Also, whether we like it or not, gmax is the only remaining route for exporting models to CFS3/OFF, unless you know where to buy 3ds Max 4.2. However, you're getting there! For an intro to UVW mapping in gmax, try Uncle Milton's C162 tutorial - you want the last part (part 22)
  7. Odd. Right-click on the Viewport label and select Configure and the Rendering tab. Make sure the 'Disable Textures' option is not ticked?
  8. This is something we all have to learn at some point, it's the Dreaded Blue & White Checkered Button Problem (cue shuddering bass chords on Hammond organ):- By default this is turned off in gmax, so each new material needs the button turned on... Hope this helps!
  9. If you're going to use Bobo's BFF script, make sure you use the right one, which is 0.4.3. Version 0.4.2 is bugged. Helpfully, both versions say 0.4.2 on the title bar when you use them... Earlier versions don't work with Max 9 and later.
  10. Oh yes, I've had that ! Probably the contact points in aircraft.cfg are a bit off. Can you post them or PM them to me and I'll have a looksee?
  11. Perspective is a view I don't use much because close-up detail disappears - like in CFS3/OFF. The orthogonal User view - hit U - is lots more useful. How much interior detail you build is again your decision, but extensive detail is kept for the VC (virtual cockpit) since it just won't be seen in-game unless you're killing time waiting for the Circus to shoot you down. Also in the VC, you needn't build the darkest recesses in detail, unless you are again killing time (with your head between knees looking at the tail's interior - or just kissing your own tail goodbye!). The immediate cockpit interior is more important - flight controls, instruments and the other cockpit well furniture. And yes, we all have to grapple with booleans eventually. BH and Conrad did this last winter, you could start with their posts in this forum for tips.
  12. Glad you're making progress, Lewie. Re the holes, what you model and what you just have painted in at skinning stage is very much your decision: me, I like modelled details! One tip: you can maximise the viewport you're working in by hitting W and the same key will bring the other viewports back when you need them.
  13. Gnome 9N

    Sorry to hear that BH, just make sure you've got your work written to a CD so you can get it again whenever. Cheers, Tom
  14. Well, there are a couple of things to check there. First, right-click in the viewport and click on Unhide All - you never know... Then select an object in the model, right-click in the viewport and click on Unhide All (Poly). Again, you never know... Then select an object, see if it's Editable Mesh as shown in the Command Panel on the right - Modify section - and if so go to Polygon sub-object, Edit/Select All and try Normals:Flip in the Surface Properties section. If the normals are reversed then this will make a bunch of polies suddenly appear and the ones you could originally see will disappear. HTH Oh yes, .dxf doesn't preserve mappings afaik
  15. Send me the model Lewie (gmax format) and I'll give it a once-over to see if it is in fact mapped. You have PM. As far as importing to gmax goes, it really isn't designed to do that - deliberately so - and apart from .3ds and .dxf we're stuck. Same goes for exporting and if you want to build for CFS3 / OFF you'll need the CFS3 Aircraft and Vehicle SDK from the CFS3 official site. http://www.microsoft.com/games/combatfs3/downloads.aspx There are other forums with a bit more info about gmax - SOH and FSDeveloper are the ones I keep an eye on.

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