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  1. OT...For W7 Users

    A Hoax -> http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/God-Mode-Systemsteuerung-komplett-in-Windows-7-Update-896795.html or translated: Google Translation
  2. Vote for your favourite sim

    Today is the last day for the votes.
  3. HITR and Missing Configs And Overrides

    Happened to me two days before after updating the video card drivers. Just start cfs3config.exe again and make your settings as you will find the default ones. Even the screen resolution was reset to the minimum.
  4. Error Updating Config message

    This error message came up yesterday after I had updated my graphics card drivers. Maybe a coincidence but after invoking cfs3config.exe I found out all my settings there had been reset. Adjusting the settings did cure it. Cheers
  5. OFF was acting quirky so...

    IL-2? Just kidding
  6. Realism Display?

    O.k., thanks for the explanation. My last install was patched to 1.32e. Only now I installed 1.32g. Cheers
  7. Realism Display?

    I had to reinstall OFF P3 and noticed after applying SuperPatch 1.32 and MiniPatch 1.32g that hte Realism Percentage is not shown in Workshops anymore. Where it was there is the empty space. Now, I can not remember if it was dropped in one of the patches. Could someone enlighten me? Also after installing Hat In The Ring with its newer OFFmanager.exe it did not come back. Cheers
  8. I have voted: http://simhq.com/for...cs/2917850.html Look for the polls on the top and also towards the bottom. Cheers

    In two weeks ... be sure.
  10. Maybe from here (second post from top): Wings Of Honor - News Archive 2004 Edit: No, sorry, just saw the post date does not match. But anyway. Cheers
  11. Question to our German Friends

    You KRUMPETS and FROG-EATERS can call me HUN all day long and you would not YANK my chain as I am lurking on the DARK SIDE and never come out to see the light of day except for eating KRAUT out of a JERRY CAN. :grin: :grin: Did I miss someone? Cheers
  12. Next OFF Add On Plane unveiled!

    Sorry, Olham, it is not a fake. It was an experimental version of the Hawker Hurricane. There were also other versions for example a seaplane version with floats and so on. The Fokker D.VIII wing shape is just a coincidence but could be used to my advantage. But it looks porked indeed. Cheers

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