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  1. SF2_Russian_Su-34_Grey

    I found it on a site a long time ago. Well done at least to me. Thanks.
  2. Some modern Soviet helicopters would be fun like the Mi-28 and others.
  3. CVN Ulyanovsk

    Thank you!!!!!
  4. Anyone know if this has been made yet? And if so where I might find it? Would love to try it! Thanks
  5. That Metal Show on VH1 Classic

    oh yea!
  6. An F-22 has crashed

    Yahoo reported it was Edwards' 412th Test Wing
  7. Any board gamers here?

    Yea I played Axis and Allies ever since I was young, and still get together with brother to play. But I guess it helps when your brother is the current Brand Manager of Avalon Hill games at Wizards of the Coast. And working at Wizards and Wizkids games got me even more into board and table top games!
  8. CA Subscriptions

    Sorry ment TW games hehe am at work and in a hurry!
  9. CA Subscriptions

    I agree! I do not have the skill to make these great mods to the game and I enjoy the site very much so as of today I am a paid member and will continue to support this site! I hope other that are like me that come to the site to enhance their game will do the same! This site has made the TK sims the best I have played and am glad to add help to support it! I love the planes and things that are added to this game from this site so cmon people lets all do our part! It's well worth it! And to all the great people that add such cool downloads here keep up the great work! Thanks! Love this site!
  10. Sept 11th 2001

  11. OMG SWEET! Nice Work!
  12. Yea I had that problem as well,but I will say mine works but my wingmen rotors did not. But when I tried starting the mission in the air they all seem to work! Just my two cents.
  13. The NFL returns!

    It's like the sun came up again! And Dave you may be looking forward to the Pats game on Sunday, but being a KC here I am not hehehe well maybe we can get one TD but I don't like the odds, we are in long rebuild phase. Good luck on Sunday! Not that NE needs it! Have mercy hehehe

    You said it man! AMEN!

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