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  1. Super Hornet Package for SF2 v4.1

    1) Flaps should move a bit more down like in this pic: http://www.b-domke.de/AviationImages/Superbug/Images/4047.jpg 2) left wheel enter in the ground and landing gear has a bad movement: http://s11.postimg.org/xd3e1qj1f/img00001.jpg http://s22.postimg.org/w6lk9p16p/img00002.jpg
  2. thanks, could you tell me how to find out coordinates for the "position=" voice? is it related to 3ds max, right? example: Position=0.0,4.10,0.86
  3. hey mate, got it, I've splitted the fuselage in 2 parts (nose and fuselage) but 3ds max crashed everytime I tried to export it, the problem were the seats, 11.000 polygons each!! ahahah
  4. 2009, the fuselage has got about 9000 polygons
  5. Hi, I have an high poly 3D model, when I try to create the lod file an error appears but after optimizing it, it works, all parts seem to be separated, so I need someone who can help me importing it in game and animate it. Thanks
  6. it would also be nice to see some helicopters, mi8, seakawk, UH-1Y...I think the A-Team Skunkworks policy is self-defeating since this is a community and everyone share, in the right way, its own knowledge.
  7. Hi, Does anyone know how to get an aircraft from 3ds max to strike fighters? I've already checked the Knowledge Base but I didn't find anything on how to create lod files and in how many parts should be splitted,(I saw some models have more than one .lod)...and what about animations? in the data .ini what names and where should I have to put them? More than a tutorial I would need a sample, for example: Bohemia Interactive which made ArmA series gave to the community samples to view, to understand everything from scratch... Thanks
  8. Hi Mate, i've already tried with the weapon editor as the link show, nothing changed (it creates a dat file and WOE can't see any weapons then it's worse) maybe i've found the problem..when i've installed the game i've added an old version of the weaponpack it's dated 03 July 2006, i've just seen on download section there's a new version dated 01/25/2009, do you think it will works? but i can't try now coz be4 the download it says "you have exceeded the maximum amount of downloads allotted to you by the administrator for the day"
  9. Hi, I'm new, i've installed Wings over Europe and it works fine, my problems are 2: 1) in every plane i've added to the game i can't see and add the fuel tanks in the hangar, i've followed the instructions in the readme files but nothing :( 2) i've installed the F-14 Tomcat from Column5 site and i can't see fuel tanks and aim-54 Phoenix in the hangar, so when i fly my F 14 Tomcat hasn't got the fuel tanks :S what should i do? could u help me? pleaseee thank you Matt

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